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  • Dino problem

    i have been fighting against brownslime about 4 months, everyplace was covered with dark brown slime even water was brown .
    Few weeks ago i find out that name of my problem is Dinoflagellat.
    ( friend of mine checked it with microscope )
    I´ve been told that only way to get rid of dinos is reduce lightning period and use mechanical filter and clean it daily, or use AlgenEx called chemical algae killer.
    I found only one shop where to buy AlgenEx, and they don´t answer to my email ( German shop ), and few articles i found in net was in German ( i don´t understand German ).

    Now my water is clear and all surfaces are looking much better, but trere is still dinos if i look sample of my "dinofilter".

    Two weeks ago i stopped to use zeos because i wasn´t sure am i feeding dinos with zeo products.
    I would like to start to use zeos again, but i don´t know is it good or bad for the dinos?

    Or should i do something else ?

    (kovanka1 in RC)

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    What are your tank specs and how were you dosing? This will help fiqure out if the Zeo was causing the problem

    Tank Specs:60g Cube SPS/Clam tank, ASM G1x Skimmer, DIY ZEOvit Reactor, 1x400w EVC 14k, Marine Life Aquatics CR-250 CaRx (RIP)

    Not sure yet.....Build Thread to come!


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      I don´t belieave that zeos causing that problem, i did it by my self with over feeding and moving liverocks when try to catch one fish in last august and make a lot of changes to my system.