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Connecting Zeovit reactor and Carbon Reactor

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  • Connecting Zeovit reactor and Carbon Reactor

    I thought I would post this here.To get more people to chime in here.My Zeovit reactor over flow is at the top.What I want to know is.Can I hook up a carbon reactor,with the excess water flow from the Zeovit reactor?Carbon does work better ,when water is being pushed threw the carbon.But my questioned would be the bacteria that the Zeovit reactor is putting out.Can it be forced into the carbon?And get the same or better results?As it now the carbon bag is just laying in the sump.So why can't we use this water from the Zeovit reactor?I hope I didn't confuse everyone here.Has anybody brought this up before?Don't know if it's a good idea or not.Need some advice here.

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    Hi Curt, see my post response on the other thread to this questionBob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      The carbon would trap the mulm that comes out of the reactor when you pump it, that's not what you want I believe.
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        Curt, running fresh carbon in a canister filter, for example, can very quick damage corals because elements are absorbed very fast & effective. I would always recommend to use a filter sock in the passive flow of the sump.

        If one does not have the chance to use a filter sock, the carbon can also be used in a force water flow, but as Bob mentioned in the other thread the carbon quantity has to be reduced a lot. I would recommend the maximum of 10 % changed more frequent (2 weeks).

        Another problem I see, you will not get the bacteria mulm into the tank while you pump the zeolite. It will be accumulated in the carbon which will get blocked within some days.