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    Hi to all,

    I'm on phase 3 with my Zeo experience, in order to properly calibrate my Zeo elements dosage I just wanna have some suggestion from you.
    My tank at the moment is populated just by 8 SPS, some xenia and few fishes.

    Here below my tank spec:

    Tank setup

    Overall system around 150 gal (net around 105 gal)
    Lighting 2x400w (1 10k and 1 20k mixed together)
    2 39w T5 actinic
    Powerful skimmer
    Calcium reactor
    Magnesium reactor (ARM with MG gravel)
    2 stream 6100
    2 Eheim 1260 (return line 650 gal/h for each one alternate every hour)

    Water parameters

    SG 1024 34 ppm
    PH 8.1 - 7.9
    temp 26° (celsius)
    PO4 0,01 (refractometer)
    NO3 N.D.
    KH 10
    CA 400
    MG 1290

    Zeo dosage

    1 liter of Zeolite (run by a M-jet 700 and stirred every evening with light off)
    1/2 liter (more or less) Carbon, change every 30 days
    Zeostart 1,5 ml on daily base
    Zeofood7 4 drops every three days
    Zeobak 4 drops every three days
    Fluor 4 drops every three days
    AAC 3 drops every two days
    Water change about 6 gal per week

    In your opinion I should adjust my dosage or do you think that it's ok for my setup?

    Thank for any suggestion.

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    Hi Myreef, Your zeo-dosages will gradually taper as the nutrients within your system are depleted Excess zeo-quantities will manifest as brown/green film on the panes, or live rock or coral tips become thin or devoid of tissue at the tops. If you do not have these or the corals are not too light, I'd continue as above. On the other hand, if these signs are present, plz. repost your problem. BTW, your KH is a little high at 10[ZEOvit recommends 6-8]. Have you experienced any coral losses with that present KH level? Thnx. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Hi Bob,
      Thanks for your reply.
      Regarding my corals I don't see any problem, the overall tank aspect seems to be ok, no algea, no brown or green film, very clear water and healthy corals. About the KH value I know that is just a little bit high but for the moment I don't see any problem. Have you any safe suggestion to decrease the KH value?
      Do you have any idea why is so high?



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        Hi Myreef, higher KH's are dependent on our brand of saltmix composition, bioload uptake & the manner in which we supplement our parameters,eg. 2-part solutions, Ca Reactors, etc. My salt[Oceanic + Ca Rx] keeps a 8 KH level.Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"