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  • Nitrates

    Hi all,

    Been on zeovit for around 10 days or so now and just tested nitrates which read 0.02 (salifert) my nitrates were never that high anyway using algae scrubbing as my filtration but just wondered is this the lowest its likely to go or do you ever get a reading of zero?

    For the record my tank has fish in it (dont almost all? ) so is it possible to get a reading of zero, should i increase the zeostart dosing or ???

    Help/advice as always greatly appreciated.



    P.S. Great forum, nice to know big brother ISNT watching you

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    Hi Gary, you're up late. Sure, you'll reach zero-Salifert's with ZEOvit. Don't worry about your reading at present,the ZEOvit method depletes both N's/P's soon enough. Are your corals beginning to color? Notice any tip changes in color? Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Well spotted Bob, well past my bedtime

      Im amazed with the water clarity its even better than when i used o3 which i didnt think would be possible!

      As for colour and growth, ive recently bought a nice acro frag your basic pinky colour but with a lovely blue/purple tip which has the tips colouring up more, although I cant put this down to anything as it may just have taken a liking to my tank, although if the rest colours up to match the tips ill be a happy man !!




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        Well, as Bob knows I'm still being patient with the N03 levels in my tank...

        My tank is 4 months old, and ZEO has done a wonderful job of getting P04 to undectetable levels, and algae no longer grows in my tank. Tank looks great and wild caught corals are doing great, even a partially bleached table acro that was saved from a LFS is regaining it's metallic fluorescent color...

        But still, for nearly two months now, my nitrates have been quite stable at around .5ppm... It doesn't bother me much, as things are doing so well, but still, I sure would like to see NO3 drop to undetectable levels...
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