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  • False Advertising

    OK, here is the deal. I am seeing online places that sell Aquacultured acropora's list a aquacultured peice 3"x3", yet when you receive the coral, it is only 1.5" or so. I am seeing this in more than one online store.

    Honestly, I think they are measuring the rock the coral is on, not the actual coral!

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    For example, I bought a coral from __________ and it was advertised at around 3", and it was a DOA, but still it was only 1.5" max. The other coral I bought was smaller than the listed price, too.

    Who else has noticed this???
    Proud owner of an Elegance Coral "that lived". (It is thriving whith long tentacle tips...purchased in January 2005.) It has white tentacle tips, I beleive this has something to do with ones that will typically live due to the collection site.

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    Hi Adam, that is frustrating, but one learns quickly how to determine whether a future order is in the works. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Greetings All !

      Has anyone else noticed this?
      A little indignant with capitalism? ... there's a reason that folks came up with the phrase caveat emptor around 24 centuries ago. Welcome to the wild and wooly world of ecommerce ...

      Still, it is frustrating ...

      JMO ...
      "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
      Hunter S. Thompson


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        You should be able to look at the attached picture and determine the size yourself.

        Consider similar corals with a known size and compare. Always worked for me.