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Can Zeospur2 use in a non zeovit tank?

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  • Can Zeospur2 use in a non zeovit tank?

    same as topic!

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    Hi Tree, yes, Spur2 along with the other supplements can be used alone. Plz. follow the guideline reccomendations on dosing. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Originally posted by Aged Salt
      Hi Tree, yes, Spur2 along with the other supplements can be used alone. Plz. follow the guideline reccomendations on dosing. Bob

      Thanks ...and i will tell my friends over here too...!


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        John Brachaue is using Spur2 without Zeovit. Shoot him a PM>


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          Tree, as Bob told you also can use ZeoSpur2 in a non zeo system, but with my
          experience the effect of lighting the corals (reducing zoox intensity) is
          slower in a “classical” nutrient environment. The effect of the lighter
          tissue will stay shorter.

          The lower the nutrients are the longer the effect will stay & the less
          ZeoSpur2 is needed in a longer intervall.

          The product is very high concentrated, please make sure, do not overdose.
          This can harm your corals. I would recommend you to slow approach the dosing
          quantities until you find the optimal dosage for your tank. Please make sure
          to wait a minimum of 1 week between every dosage. Start slow and rise the
          dosing quantity slow in small amounts.

          This is the dosing recommendation from the dosing guide:

          It is possible with this product to influence the amount of zooxanthellae in the coral tissue. The coral itself has more energy for growth because the zooxanthellae density requires less energy. This is possible for acropora, anacropora and montipora. The reduction of zooxanthellae in the outer layers brings out the colors of the coral from deeper layers. ZEOspur2 is also able to influence colors. However, the primary color shown will be the color right below the layer with the zooxanthellae. It is possible to reduce the amount of zooxanthellae so much that the coral will not get enough energy via photosynthesis. This condition can be maintained for a long period of time without damage to the coral. However, our experiments have shown that continued overdosing, and only under this condition, coral tissue will become thinner and thinner and ultimately completely dissolve. We recommend dosing every 14 – 21 days. It is important to apply the full dose all at once or there will no be any changes. The reduction of zooxanthellae occurs within 48 hours and also reaches its highest point at that time. The reaction and, therefore, the dosing amount is different from tank to tank. We recommend starting at 50 % of the recommended amount to get a feel for the product. Subsequently, you can increase the dosing amount, not the interval, by 5 to 10% (not to exceed 10%) each time to find the perfect dosing amount. The maximum dosing amount is 1 ml per 25 gallons and should not be exceeded. We do not recommend the use of this product during the initial starting phase of the ZEOvit system. There is too much change and your corals will not have enough time to adjust safely. We would like to mention at this point that this product has the fastest and most drastic impact of the whole system. The optimum dosing, in this case, is absolutely necessary in order not to damage your corals.



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            Edward, Scott, Alexander's post should be a sticky for Spur2. Thnx. Bob
            "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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              Thanks Alexander for you detail answer, will try the spur2 very soon....


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                Hi Tom, plz. read Alexander's excellent post on Spur2. As Steve mentioned, Spur2 will have less effect on our corals in a higher nutrient system. Also, Spur2 also does not effect[lighten] So.Pacific corals to the degree that it does on Indonesian SPS, so your AQ corals will not reflect this change as well. I recommend not using Spur2 at your stage until your system is in latter phase 2, when nutrient-poor waters exist.
                Tom, with the 1st zeolite exchange, I recommend decreasing Start1 to 1ml/day daily[.5ml 2x's/day] & allow the lowering nutrients to bring out more coloration. Bob
                "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                  Will do. I'll decrease the the start to 1 ml/day. We'll reintroduce spur2 after the next Zeolite changout. How low do you think my nutrients ae at this point. I'm skimming with a Deltec APF600 and only feed pellet food once a day. A lot of sponges and algae have semmed to disapear. I only need to clean the glass about every four to five days and that's only little spots here and there. Thanks Bob!
                  My 180 Gallon SPS pictures-copy/paste