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ZEOliths & JBJ Nano Cubes..

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  • ZEOliths & JBJ Nano Cubes..

    I was curious. Would I be able to put a smaller amount of ZEOliths in a bag in the back sections of my nano and use the ZEO system?

    They wouldn't have to be in direct flow as I could manage to put them in a "dead zone" of flow.

    Just curious..

    It's 12gs.

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    Hi Sean, you sure can. Just try to leave some space to "shake" the bag once a day.Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      It won't matter that I can't do 3 on/off setup?


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        Nope, I don't think that's feasible Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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          do you have a skimmer on the tank? Cause wouldn't you need a skimmer?



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            I don't have a skimmer, I would replace skimming with more frequent water changes.

            A skimmer is not an option on this confinded tank.


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              hehe.. let me know how it goes bro, i want to do one also ..


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                I'm interested too. Are you doing sps in it? Also are you going to upgrade the lighting and to what?



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                  This project is on hold till I can get rock; I can't afford the $177 premium aquatic wants to ship me 15 lbs. I'll be driving to visit a friend and I'll purchase some rock from him in the next couple of weeks.

                  Allow me to outline the project and give you a brief intro:

                  I have a 12 OG (24w) JBJ nano; I just purchases a new DX hood (2 fans, 48w PC light).

                  Pump - I'm using a MaxiJet1200 in the back to do my flow, it makes a little heat, but I don't have a problem battling it; but you can't beat 300gph in a 12g. *completed*

                  Light - I'm adding 48w MORE PC light to the hood. Roughly ~$82 for the ballast + remote leads.

                  Surface skimming - I found this mod on nano-reef; using part of an old cassette tape case, you can reproduce an overflow box effect on the rear vent. (I'll get a link later).

                  I want the tank to keep his nano cube look with all the clean lines. So I want to use ZEO to help me combat the nutrient levels that may arise in the tank. As for coral, I would love to have SPS and I probably will once I have the tank up and running.