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zeolive dosing amount ?

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  • zeolive dosing amount ?

    Will try zeolive in my non zeovit tank.....can anyone tell me the correct dosing? should it be daily, per week or per month?

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    Hi Tree, check-out Alexander's informative post regarding ZeoLife on the thread"ZEOvit & Fish Only" started by GTR, Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Tree, I have no personal experience with this product, but here are some words about it:

      ZeoLive contains a fine natural powder. The powder is able to bind toxins & pollutions in a system. The product can be used without the zeovit system.

      It can be helpful in eliminating contaminations, similar, but more powerful than carbon. I have also seen importers adding it directly to their tanks if they get a corals shipment in bad conditions. The product itself will not help the corals directly, just the water quality becomes better. It is also used for the preparation of show tanks at exhibitions.

      After adding the product to the tank, the water becomes very cloudy before it becomes super clear.

      The dosing recommendation is 20 ml / 100 l (75 ml / 100g) once weekly.

      The product also contains some elements from ZeoStart which are helpful to balance the biological situation in a tank, similar to ZeoStart but in a much weaker effect.

      It is necessary to shake the bottle each time you use it !

      I know Gary (mesocosm) has used it, maybe he will jump in with his experiences.



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        thank you so much guys...