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Entering 3rd month into Zeovit system

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  • Entering 3rd month into Zeovit system

    Entering 3rd month into Zeovit! Water parameters as below:
    pH - between 8.1 and 8.3 (when light is on)
    Mag - 1200 to 1300
    KH - between 7 and 9 (how to get it stablise at 7?)
    Cal - 400 +
    ORP - 450 to 470 (doubt the reading is accurate, need to clean the pobe)
    - looking good! Hammers are opening up big, bubbles are nicer now and others such as zoos, clams, etc are doing well. Some star polys spreading or growing to other rocks.

    - still brown for most, others seem little green. Few sps' tips turn white? Monti is colour up now.

    Dosing (about 80 gal):
    - ZEOfood and ZEObak twice a week 3 drops each.
    - ZEOstart daily 0.5ml

    - Why still not much progress in sps? Is it normal?
    - Heard that ZEOspur can colour up sps, should use it?
    - What other ZEO additive should I use in order to colour up sps?
    - PO4 and NO3 are coming down but why still not down to 0 yet?
    - See some green hairy algee on one of the rocks, any concern?
    - Some green algee growing on the glass, some small alges have some kind hair, others are just green spots. But overall not alot. Anything to concern about?


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    Hi, how long has this tank been running before you started Zeovit?

    What are your NO3 and PO4 levels and which test kit do you use?
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      Good questions, Timon. Also what salt mix are you using? How are you maintaining the parmeters? Thnx. Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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        Few sps' tips turn white?
        - Why still not much progress in sps? Is it normal?
        Sounds like your SPS are showing good signs of "growth tips".
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          The tank is about a year old now. I started Zeovit about 11 months after I setup the tank. The parameters details:
          (1) Saltmix - Tropic Marin
          (2) NO3 - 5 (Sera)
          (3) Mag - 1200 -1300 (Salifert)
          (4) Kh - 7 - 8 (Sera)
          (5) Cal - 400+ (Sera)
          (6) PO4 - min (sera) cant get the exact reading due to lost of the colour chart

          I have 3 fish, goby, damsel and tomato, in the tank and I don't feed them. Change water about 15g once every 1 to 2 months. I use Remora Pro and it skims well, need to clean the cup every 2 to 3 days.


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            Hi BlueTang, with your nutrients still testing positive & some algae appearing, I'd recommend the following:
            1) 3/4 ltr. zeolite at a flow rate of of 80gph/320l/h. Exchange these every 6wks.
            2) 3/4 Cup carbon changed monthly. Knead this every other day.this will prevent channeling.
            3) Continue your present doses of bak/food7. Be sure to turn off your skimmer for 60min after dosing these.
            4) Increase Start1 to .5ml 2x's/day daily. this will enable the ZEOvit system to lower your nutrients. Also pump clean the stones more often--3-4 x's/day if possible. Excess visual cues of Start1 will be a brownish/green strong film on the panes or LR or coral tip tissue recession. If the film becomes more slimey, reduce Start1, after abating it's dosing for 2-3 days. Bob
            "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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              If I read that right you have only been on zeo a month correct? I see you say 3 months but I read the statement "The tank is about a year old now. I started Zeovit about 11 months after I setup the tank". If so give it some time.. The system does work and work very well.. The MOST important thing I can stress about the zeo system is take it slow and the rewards will be WORTH IT.. I am living proof of that. Or as Bob would say I am the poster boy for zeovit hehehe.... Good luck with your tank.. Sounds like you do have new growth tips on the sps also.. I have also notcied the longer the coral was kept in a nutrient rich environment the longer it takes for it to color back up..

              Peace, Jeff
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