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How to catch up with alk & calcium depletion?

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    so would this be everything I would need to hook a ca reactor up?

    Or is there more things I would end up having to buy? Also will running a reactor keep my ph in check along with my ca and alk? I have been reading a lot of threads on them and it looks like some people use ph controlers with them. Would I need to buy one of these also?

    ooo, I just saw an aquamedic one on ebay for $100 is this a good brand?

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      You need a CO2 bottle and a regulator and you probably also want a solenoid switch to shut off the CO2 in case of a power outage.

      Something like this is what you want:

      People use PH controllers to switch off the CO2 if the PH dips too low. While a controller is not essential you should have at least a digital PH monitor.
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