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Parameters wacked out..HELP

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  • Parameters wacked out..HELP

    Hi all,
    I have to say that I have not been checking on parameters for a while (a month).
    I just did a water check and here are the parameters.

    Calcium 500 (salifert)
    Magnesium off the chart (salifert)
    Alkalinity 4.8 dkh
    PH around 8
    specific gravity = .0255
    Amonia and nitrite = 0 (red sea)

    Test kits are good and I double checked the alkalinity with another test kit (red sea) and values pretty much match.

    Here's what I've done recently:
    Due to algea taking over some of the tank , last week I did a 25% wc. using Oceanic. This is my second batch of Oceanic, before I was using reef crystals and shortly before that IO. Other then that I've just dosed the zeovit additives though I've been cutting back due to algea. BTW, I'm on my 3'rd month and do not think this is zeo related.
    Nitrate and Phosphates = 0 with salifert
    Corals are light and a few across seem a bit stressed (not as much polyp extension as before).

    Here's my plan and please tell me if you have any other suggestions:
    Starting to make top off water and will do a 10% with IO. I figure this salt would be ok in case the oceanic is off on something and also seems to be well balanced.
    I just shut off the calc reactor.
    bring specific gravity to .024
    Just added some kent marine superbuffer.
    Test alk and ca and do more water changes.
    Since nutrients are low I think I'll hold of on zeos for a bit.

    I still don't understand how the alk is so low and ph at acceptable levels. Also the calc reactor has always seem to keep things fairly balanced.

    Just tested fresh mix of Oceanic:
    Alk was ok
    Calc was at about 600
    I'll have to do some searching for Oceanic.

    what do you guys think?


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    Well I'm doing a search on the forum on Oceanic and seems since the calc is high it has depleted the alk.
    Anyone have calc/alk/mag test results for other salts?.



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      Hi Albert, I had nearly exactly the same predicament, which for me was resolved with using 70% Oceanic & 30% TM or AM meersalz. With IO as a supplement due to it's usually high KH[I would recommend your test your IO at 1.024 for it's Ca/Mg/KH] the % maybe more in the 80-20 range. Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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        bobs way is the best way to do so i have to add 80ml a fay of b ionic to keep my alk up and its messing my sps 's up
        180G SPS Mainly
        10 Bulb T5 Starfire
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