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Algae Growth increasing

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  • Algae Growth increasing

    Hi there guys, lately I have noticed that the rate in witch algae is growing in my tank is increasing !

    I am in week 5 now and dosing 2ml Start 3 times a day, and bak/food 3 drops every second day.

    I am thinking that I should increase my start dosing am I correct in saying this or maybe run the reactor for longer periods of time ( 3 on 3 off at the moment)?

    My DIY reactor is also maybe not performing the way it should and have now ordered one from Gary, but in the mean time what do you think I should be doing , clearly there are to many nutrients in the water.

    I can see this by the growth of the algae on the glass and on sand!

    Please can you help me with some recommendations?


    P.S All parameters look right!

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    From the zeo guide (not word for word):

    Similar with Zeostart - it is possible that a light green or brown bacterial film builds up looking like a diatom bloom. When this occurs, it is recommended that the dosing of both food and start be suspended until the film disappears. - page 9


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      Some things to look at when you have algae problems:

      Is your source water clean? Especially look for silicates and phosphates. Test the source water in addition to the tank water.

      What are your feeding habits like?

      Is your skimmer performing as it should? Is it suitable for your tank?
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