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  • What do I need?

    I am thinking of try Zeovit but require a list of what I would need to start and the approximate cost. My tank is as follows:

    44g Reef with 5" DSB
    Around 80 lbs of LR
    Houses a variety of corals softies, zoos, rics, lps and sps
    Aqua C Remora Skimmer
    HOB fuge
    Phosban Reactor
    250w HQI 14k MH
    Top off around a gallon a day of saturated kalkwasser via dosing pump (150ml/hour)
    Alk 4-5 PH 8.4...amm, trites, trates 0

    What else do you need to know?

    Thanks in advance guys...Nice forum btw...seems to be coming along very well!


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    Bill, I would go with the basic 4 components right now and possibly AAHC.. You can go to to view the products and the cost aswell... I would think your cost would be minimal after startup... Also you will be saving some money from not having to run phosban or Kalk...


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      Bill, Jeff, is correct as you have ~25-30g net water vol. you will use only 1/3ltr of zeolites. Your Phosban reactor can be DIY into a zeo-filter which will save you some money there, & even the smaller bottles of the zeo's will last months. EM the closest zeo-dealer to you for prices & supplies, then post your tank info from the sticky "Tell us about your tank" for your zeo-dosing. Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"