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Opinions on ca reactor needed

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  • Opinions on ca reactor needed

    I've never used a ca reactor before, but may take the plunge with a Korallin C1502 Calcium Reactor. Anybody got any opinions on this reactor?

    As per this

    Also, this reactor is rated quite a bit bigger than my tank, can it be turned down OK?

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    No personal experience but it has a good reputation AFAIK.

    As far as it being too big for your tank, the dissolving rate is controlled by the amount of CO2 you put in, and since you control this with the valve on your CO2 tank it should not be a problem.
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      I have a Korallin 1502. It is a well built reactor but getting it set up to control drip and bubbble rate was difficult using the valves it come with. Trying to use a 1/4 turn valve to regulate a drop a second is a joke. Also, the tube fittings it uses leak very easily.

      I was getting ready to buy a Schuran but I finally got the 1502 to work.

      I had to change out the 1/4 turn valve and installed a Nupro needle valve I bought off of ebay. The needle valve solved the drip rate problem.

      Also controlling the CO2 bubble rate to maintain a pH of 6.4 was difficult to do because un used CO2 could accumulate in the top of the reactor and would eventually cause the recirculation pump to stop working. There is a vent valve on the top to vent off the accumulated CO2, but I often never knew it was a problem the system shut down.

      I modified the tubing feed to the pump suction and T'd in the vent line iinstalling another a needle valve to allow it to slowly remove the accumulated CO2 and recirculated it. If you don't install a needle valve it pulls in to much air into the pump at once and stops pumping. The pump continually removes excess CO2 now and the reactor is always pumping bubble though the calcuim rock and uses up 100% of the CO2. This is the concept Schuran Jetstreams use.

      To make the whole thing work trouble free now I also bought an pH controller to start and stop CO2 feed. This cut my CO2 consumption in half and keeps my pH between 6.2 and 6.5 to keep the calcium dissolving.

      I haven't had to make any adjustments for weeks at a time now and works great.

      If you don't want to go through all the a new Schuran Jet stream. I hear they work pretty well. I'd go onto RC first and read what users have to say. If you are trying to keep SPS, a calcium reactor is the best way to go.


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        Sorry for the stutter......
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          I have a 3002 and it works very well. I havent touched it in so long. It takes a while to fine tune it and understand it though. Overall, it has never let me down. The only problem I had was that the Eheim pump shaft broke and I replaced it for a couple of dollars.


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            Well thanks for all that info, very useful. Yes, my suspicions were aroused when I saw it had a vent valve, I did wonder if they had to install that because there is a problem.
            Sounds like you've got it all sorted Hawk, but I really cannot be bothered doing all those mods, I'll have a look at that Shuran you suggested.

            Interesting the 3002 works well. Is that just a bigger version of the same thing?


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              The schuran has it's setup speedbumps too. There's a thread on RC that I started almost a year ago with my experiences with it (it's still fairly active... but I mispelled schuran in the title. Search for "shuran")

              The only issue I've found with the schuran is with regards to running a low effluent rate (ie: reactor oversized for reef, such as my case). A peristaltic pump makes running this reactor an absolute breeze. While this is not the only way to run the reactor, it takes all the problems with erratic drip rates away. in the thread on RC, I tried several different ways to feed the reactor, and ended up running with a peri pump. Not cheap, but definately the best way IMHO.

              Read the thread, and ask any questions you may have. I love my jetstream, but there was a sharp learning curve for me. I've also helped many others that had very similar questions. After all the playing I've done with the jetstream, I now know it inside out and backwards.




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                Thanks Ewan.

                Hmmm... I'm really looking for one that will be idiot proof and work right out of the box. Anybody any suggestions?


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                  Originally posted by wasp
                  Thanks Ewan.

                  Hmmm... I'm really looking for one that will be idiot proof and work right out of the box. Anybody any suggestions?
                  Yes...get a new hobby.... I haven't found anything idiot proof.....especially a lot of the hobbists


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                    Consider the H&S units, if you have room in the sump all you have to do is set in sump, adjust you drip rate, and then adjust your CO2, the even have a port on top for a ph probe if you want to use a meter, or controller. The Schuran's are really nice units, but the H&S is easier to set-up. If you do not want an in-sump, the you can plumb them by using a Peri pump, or tee off your return, or even power it by a small powerhead. Let me know if you need any more info. Also contact Gary about the Grotech, he should be able to give info and set-up on them.


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                      OK, Thanks I'll check into that.


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                        How 'bout a Grotech from korallen-zucht ?

                        Brendan Zeovit New Zealand/Aussie


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                          Thanks Brendan, actually I've had a chat to Nick S, he may have something for me.
                          You supplying Grotech reactors? If so howsabout PM me a price? I'd want the smallest. And, are you supplying media?


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                            lg ractor is beutifool

                            for you lg700 ;-)
                            hi blureff


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                              Thanks Blureff