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maybe a dumb question from a just christened zeo user

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  • maybe a dumb question from a just christened zeo user

    Hey guys I've been following this board since its inception and the one on RC for a while before this one was started. I had been thinking about going to zeo for a while and I finally made the jump yesterday. I've been following a few threads about tanks that were almost exactly my size and my parameters so Ii've been following advice ctually given to someone else... which is one of the reasons I chose zeo, because of the wonderful help on this board. My dumb question is with the zeobac, how do you guys get it out of the bottle??? Do you take the white insert out and use a dropper or d you use the intert as your dropper. For me the insert will let a few drops go at one time and I only need 2 drops, sometimes I get 3, or two and what looks like half drop. Is that the intention of the insert or am I missing someing here???

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    Bill, you're not alone We have overcome this obstacle by borrowing saliferts older or unused droppers. BUT, if im not mistaken, Gary is or will be carrying droppers as an option for the small ZEObak bottles. I have done some research and other manufacturers that sell their media this way was to prevent the bottles from leaking during shipping instead of it being used as a dropper. Good luck with ZEO!


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      thank you that helps me not feel like an idiot


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        I'd opt for unused droppers over older droppers, there's some nasty stuff in some of those kits
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          I would leave the dropper (plug) in the bottle and just shake out your drops. I removed it with my first bottle and it seems to evaporate out very fast. So I kept the plug in the last bottle I got. JMO


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            i use a dropper from salifert but like znut says it does seem to evaporate quicker
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