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  • Thoughts on zeobak bottle

    The thread on RC about testing zeobak has got me thinking. You know that funny plastic thing that comes in the neck of the bottle? I wonder if the point of it is to prevent contamination?

    Theoretically, you can shake out drops without putting anything in the bottle. In practicality, it doesn't work great, and many of us are using syringes from Salifert kits. It occurs to me that there is potential for contamination every time we insert the syringe.

    Does anyone know why they don't use a dropper cap like the zeofood and supplement bottles?

    Tom (No fishie )
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    Tom, I can't say for sure but I think it might be hard to find a dropper/lid combo for a bottle that small. In the large ZEObac bottles it comes with the dropper like the ZEOfood7.


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      I found your fish


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        Tom, great question. I have never asked Thomas if that was the reason he doesn't use a dropper, I always assumed there were no droppers available for the small bottle. FWIW, the larger bottle ZEObak comes with a dropper. But, I will ask him about contamination issues just to be sure...
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          Things arent adding up in that thread and now everyone is starting to assume.


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            Christine made several valid points in a recent post, but it seems people just overread them...
            Fish eat poop....tastes just like chicken.


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              My friend is a scientist and got me a dropper to fit that bottle. I agree the design is yet to be desired. I hope they do make a new design for it, larger bottle same amounts or something like that, I know they make droppers that small. Go to you local college and talk to them, you can even get one from medicine for a child, they have small bottle necks like that and you can cut the plastic stick a bit to get it to fit in there

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                Hey i've got small kids. I need to tell our doctor that we need the dropper that fits "this" bottle


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                  Was he able to see bac or not, sorry for the laziness but I dont feel like reading the thread anymor

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                    I used bought a glass eye dropper from the pharmacy at Asda (your walmart!) cost me 49p (90 cents?).




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                      I keep the white thing in there. It seems to cut down on the creeping white stuff.

                      I have to remove it each time I dose, but it only takes a second.

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