OK, here is the deal. I have snorkelled in the Florida Keyes many, many times, and absolutely love how the purple sea fans flow back and front in the surge. I want to collect them, but I know that is illeagal for that species to be collected in the wild. Here is the deal(again) plain and simple:

You have it, and live in the USA? (contiguous..)

Well guess what, bucky, I want it! (Or at least a 1x1" frag...)

So, fess up. I dont have any money right now to buy one from anyone that might have one, but I will, (this summer) and when I do...I want to buy it from you! :xmas: (hey that rhymes!!!)

ANYwho, post your pics, if you have any, and tell me the origin where you find the gorg, and tell me when(not if) you will have frags avalable.


p.s.: I would'nt be surprised if nobody replies.....