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JUST ZEOliths?

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  • JUST ZEOliths?

    Is there any advantage to using just ZEOliths in a tank?

    I was thinking of setting up my 12g nano since I'm taking down all my big tanks and was curious if ZEO was possible for a tank so small.

    Anyone have zeo running on anything under 18?

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    Maybe even Start but the bak/food is for SPS really right?

    What if it's a softie tank and I just want to have low nutrients?


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      I just throttle everything back and find it any easy, efficient and cost effective way to control/reduce nutrient levels. I use the major four to carry this out.
      “People are very open-minded about new things - as long as they're exactly like the old ones.”
      ...Charles F. Kettering


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        Yeah I'm trying to figure out a skimmer.

        I may use one of those airstone driven skimmers for like a 50g tank for this 12g.

        It's just going to be softies because of the light situation.

        Do you think it's possible to hang a 250w MH pendant over a 12g without a heat problem, if it's high enough..?


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          sean i m running the zeo system on a custom tank thats roughly 17 gallon plus about 3 in the sumpi also have a 250 hqi lamp over it but i have to keep a fan on when my light is on or it will go up to 85 degrees...lamp is about1 foot off the water


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            Awesome thanks