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Anybody in the US using Aqua Medic Reef Salt?

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  • Anybody in the US using Aqua Medic Reef Salt?

    If so, what is your experience, and where did you get it from?

    Current Tank: 75g sps restarted with ZEOvit August 2004, Aqua Connect 14K 250W SE MH x 2, SLS HQI ballasts, 54W blueplus T5s x 2, H&S A150 external (recirculating) skimmer, Tunze Stream 6060, 6000 with single controller, Geo Ca reactor, in-sump ZEOvit reactor from Madison, Aquacontroller

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    Hi Tom, I used the Meersalz[not Pro-salz] briefly, but found it raised my KH too much & since it's enriched with trace elements, caused darkening in some of my corals. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      I was using the Reef Salt but I only had the small boxes of it and it was like a brick. I have since switched to the Meersalz b/c I had a few small bags of it. I have not seen an increase in KH but I have noticed some darkening as Bob stated. Once I am out I will go back to Coralife/Oceanic. Coralife just for the free T-Shirt

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        i have a freind i talk to online that used it and it screwed his tank up sps's were started to bleach and die it was crazy
        180G SPS Mainly
        10 Bulb T5 Starfire
        Calcium Reactor
        3 Tunze 6105's
        Profilux Controller
        ATB Return w/ wavysea
        ATB M External Skimmer


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          Tom, I use this salt, but I have observed similar results as Bob with the AB Meersalz. Reef Salt contains a lot of trace elements, so if I do bigger water changes, I also can notice darker tissue. IMO this salt works good for coloration and I use it weekly in a small water change of 3 % beside my regular weekly water change of 6,5 %.