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Changed some rock, advice please

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  • Changed some rock, advice please

    Hi My tank was 100% ocean rock which once covered in coralline etc looked okay but was FAR too dense and heavy on my bb tank and also too 'boulder like' rather than the live rock plates, with the high cost of live rock here in the UK (and the fact that even "premium quality" live rock here is very poor) I decided to replace 50% of my ocean rock with A L F A G R O G rock which is very lightweight and porous (and more importantly cheap!! ).

    Question is now that half my rockwork has been replaced should I or would it be a good idea to increase my dosing of bak/food/start for a couple of days to "seed" the new rock?



    Edit: Not sure why but when I typed A L F A G R O G in one word it kept editing my post to al*****g ??? Anyone know why??

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    F A G is a offensive word in America, not in the UK.

    Was the new rock perviously in the a tank? Was it cooked?

    If it was base rock, or cooked rock, you shouldn't have much to worry about. Even if the rock came from a cycled tank and wasn't exposed to much air you shouldn't have a problem.


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      Hi Gary, when I change-out my zeolites, I low-dose daily x 3 days both bak/food to seed & feed the zeolites more evenly & rapidly. This is just by "feel" so I can't recommend it to others. When I placed new LR[cured] in my system, I have not altered my zeo-dosing. If this is dead rock, I would dose Bak/Food7 x3 days in lower dosage, again to seed the rock with the specialized bacteria. Always dose Start daily, regardless. Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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        I never even thought of that!! I thought maybe Alf*grog was one of those banned words in Zeoland like Zeo is in ReefCentral land


        Thanks mate, the rock has never been in a tank of any sort its new rock, (in fact its probably never been in water as its a by product of the glass making industry!!) so I will follow your lead and dose food and bak x2 additional times this week.