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Carbon and Alkalinity

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  • Carbon and Alkalinity

    Does anyone know if carbon can absorb alkalinity?
    Only reason i ask is my alk has dropped from the low 7's to around 6.2dkh since changing over to zeovit (i never used to use carbon, just o3). And if possible i dont want to start dosing additives, prefering instead to rely on my calcium reactor.

    Secondly im using aquamedics hydrocarbonat but have never been too impressed with it, what do you all use in your ca reactor?



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    Ive noticed my alk drop when changing out my ZEOrocks. it was a small change and I didnt get any negative effects on the corals from it. Give it a day or two as the Alk may rise back to where you had it set at. Test again tomorrow.


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      Hi Gary, carbon may initially affect alk. but I agree with Edward, the zeolites are the cause of any temporary declines in the acid/base equation. Gary, I use ARM & am happy with it, however, I can't say much about AquaMedic Hydrocarbonate, as I'v never used it. Any aragonite media should give effect. Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"