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Question about birdnest

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  • Question about birdnest

    here is my birdnest that my friend gave to me about 2~3 month ago...
    As you see, When it came in my tank,it was shown a kind of bleaching....
    Its color is getting red or pink a little bit in my tank....

    Do you think it will have full color? What can I do for it...

    Which zeo stuffs are helpful?

    Thanks in advance~

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    I find the stylo-pocci glow does help a bit... but then birdnest is quite an easy to keep sps....

    so wait and let it take it's time to recover and gain back it's pink.
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      yes from what i understabd it does help not over night bit over timejust give it time and it will get back its old stae
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