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  • nyfireman3097
    i dont know but my starboard looks crappy and i hate the look i wanna know the same thing

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  • mikester
    started a topic Cleanup crew

    Cleanup crew

    This isn't zeo-related, but I know a lot of you guys run BB/starboard, so I thought I would ask:

    What do you guys use for a cleanup crew to keep the starboard clean? While messing with my aquascaping, I realized that my clean up crew has dwindled down to about 4-5 astreas total. No wonder I can't keep the bottom clean.

    I'm thinking mainly astreas and ceriths - any idea on how many per gallon, or some guideline? Also, would cukes and/or conches help to keep the bottom "vacuumed"? If so, how many?

    I also was thinking of getting an urchin to help keep on top of the coralline algae. Would I have to worry about it scratching the acrylic?