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Requirement for Acropora humilis

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  • Requirement for Acropora humilis

    Hi there everyone can someone please give me a indication as to what placement in the tank a humilis will thrive?


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    Lots of light & current.



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      Hi Christiaan, as Alexander has pointed out, strong current & light are essential. I have found that Blue/purples do better, higher up to the lighting, in order to maintain these colors. Of course, low nutrients, are paramount for retention of any coral coloration. Bob
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        Greetings All !

        ... what placement in the tank a humilis will thrive?
        As folks have already said, strong light and strong current are appreciated by A. humilis. Specific placement is dependent upon the lighting and circulation combination of the specific tank.

        Generally speaking ...

        Borneman (Aquarium Corals, 2001) sums it up rather nicely, "... all Acropora seem to prefer a strong, random, mixed-type current for maximum health and growth, high levels of calcium ..., and intense lighting.)

        From my experience ...

        Orientation of Specimen
        The specimens I've worked with are structurally Corymbose ("clustered" - dense, radial branch growth), or Digitate ("finger" - less dense, not quite radially symmetrical growth, like the first picture in the thread G. Alexander linked, and like the blue (2nd pic) specimen (... SWEET!, btw ...) posted by invincible569).

        Corymbose specimens seem to appreciate a more horizontal placement, as this allows light to impact the largest possible surface area of the specimen. Digitate specimens are often more tolerant of more "angled" (non-horizontal) placement because their more open structure allows a wider range of angles for maximum surface area impact.

        If you happen to have a copy laying around, Julian Sprung's "Corals. A Quick Reference Guide (1999)" has a simple (... simplistic? ...) placement/information graphic/box regarding A. humilis (p.28).

        Anthony Calfo says it better than I could: "By and large, Acroporids are not aggressive and will suffer in combat with competitive coral species. Aquarists keeping and culturing Acropora species are advised to give a comfortable buffer zone of space between Acroporids and neighboring competitors. Acroporids are some of the fastest growing species of coral and adequate space must be afforded for growth, or routine fragmentation will be necessary for maintenance. They are also some of the most sensitive corals to mishandling. Conditions less dynamic than strong current and light may be tolerated by some cultured Acroporids, but the effective propagation of Acroporids requires a more dynamic environment (from Book of Coral Propagation, 2001-2003)."

        Assessment of Placement
        I've found that focusing my attention on axial (terminal) corallites is a good way to assess how "good" my placement choice has been. This specialized corallite lacks zooxanthellae, and yet demonstrates rapid growth because it is being fed from the rest of a healthy colony (paraphrased from Aquarium Corals, Borneman, 2001). Fast growing tips are characterized by being either brightly colored, or almost "bleached" white in appearance. If I'm not seeing this after a "suitable" acclimation/adaptation timeframe, then I begin to consider repositioning of the specimen.

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          wow , thanks everyone for a great responce, i have now move him to a higher and stronger current postion, he was browned out when i bought him, but does have some purple on the tips, let see what our amazing Zeovit can do!!!

          Thanks once again for the help Bob , alexander and mesocosm



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            damn mesco awesome awnser lol
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