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Amino Acids in Reef Aquaria

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  • Amino Acids in Reef Aquaria

    Greetings All !

    Some of us may remember discussions in other cyber-spaces regarding the utility of amino acids in the ZEOvit System.

    I was scanning the February/March 2005 issue of Coral, The Marine Aquarium Magazine, and came across an article by Jorg Kokott (Nutrients in the Reef aquarium - Part IV). On page 72 there's a "boxed" section on amino acids.

    Some extracts are ...

    "Other studies have looked into the absorption rate of free-floating amino acids in the water (DFAAs, dissolved free amino acids) by corals. It was shown that DFAAs were extracted from the water and absorbed, especially during darkness (Hoegh-Guldberg and Williamson, 1999). In principle, this can be viewed as a justification for supplementing amino acid solutions into the reef aquarium. However, the question remains: For what purpose are these free amino acids absorbed by corals?"
    And ...

    "In the last few years, another, completely different importance of amino acids for corals has emerged: The regulation of its symbiosis. While amino acids were previoulsly only considered as the basic building blocks of protein synthesis, new research suggests that there is an "amino acid pool" in the coral tissue, or in the cells of the coral digestive tissue, the gastrodermis (FAA-Pool) (Gates et al., 1995). In an experiment, zooxanthellae were extracted from corals, raised in a culture medium (such as f/2 medium) and then mixed with FAAs. The scientists were able to observe that the zooxanthellae increasingly released photsynthetically produced glycerol (= glycerine) into the medium (Gates et al, 1995; Grant et al., 1998,1997; Withers et al., 1998)."
    And ...

    "Based on these discoveries, the following hypothesis was formulated: FAAs are so-called "host release factors" and signal to the symbiotic algae when to release the energy-rich products of photosynthesis into the coral cells. If one applies this theory to the reefkeeping hobby, the supplementation with amino acids suddenly appears in a much different light. We not only supply building blocks for protein synthesis, but we are also able to directly and actively influence the symbiosis. The better a coral can get a zooxanthella to share its energy-rich, photosynthsized carbon compounds, the better a coral can grow, and generate colored chromoproteins."
    Food for Thought ... or should I say ...

    AAHC for Thought ... ... errr ... Carbon ...

    Just FYI ... I'm looking forward to what this extraordinary online community has to say ... especially in terms of additional perspective, reading material, and references.

    TIA ... just trying to fill in the data set ...
    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
    Hunter S. Thompson

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    Thanks for the good information~


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      awesome Info
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        There you go again Gary. Thanks for sharing If you keep posting like that, i'm going to make you post daily. You're one of the boards favorite posters. Now you've set the bar for yourself

        BTW, I need a new phone number for you. Everytime I call it's busy. I know your system can't be that screwed up.


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          I sure am glad I started dosing aa yipee!!


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            I'm bumping this back up to the top because I think it is very relevant and might have been overlooked.


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              well, that actually means that bomber was way way off with claiming that AA are worthless in a reeftank,
              habib and thomas are right on the money,


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                Very interesting read. In summary, the findings indicate that AAs contribute to the browth and coloration of the corals. Would it matter if the corals being tested and experimented on were SPS/LPS/Softies?

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