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  • getting ready for ZEO - tank info

    getting close to starting zeo, performing regular water changes and paying extra attention to everything. would like to get tank in tip top shape before starting zeo. currently battling a small case of valonia and cyano. i believe both may be more prevalent now since i need to switch out RODI canisters and membrane. i also increased feeding from every other day to every day. i think i may go back to every other day. besides these 2 things, everything is going good and almost all corals look great. also for past 4 or 5 months, i haven't been doing water changes as often as i should. until then i had been doing regular monthly 25% changes. once my new RODI canisters and membrane arrive, i'm going to do another big water change, maybe 35%. after that i plan on starting ZEO and doing weekly or every other week changes. my main attraction to ZEO is the fact that it lowers nutrients. since i utilize a DSB, this is my main concern. if ZEO will help prevent a DSB crash all while jazzing up the looks of my corals, then it's for me. here's my info:
    1. gross water volume - about 102g. tank is 92g plus 22g sump which i keep 1/2 full.
    2. net water volume - if u are asking the amount of actual water in tank and sump, i would have to say about 70g.
    3. no CA reactor
    4. no PO4 reactor
    5. no ozone
    6. no UV
    7. skimmmer - Euroreef CS6-2, from what i remember, it's rated for 500g.
    8. PO4 - 0.01 / NO3 almost undetectable
    9. Ca 400-420/ Alk about 8dkh /MG levels tend to dip under 1000. i sometimes get it up to around 1300 w/ Kent Tech M. i need to pay more attention to this also. right now Mg is about 1000.
    10. no regugium, i use LR and DSB
    11. 2X250W DE 14.5K Geiseman Megachrome on a PFO dual HQI ballast and 2 95W URI actinic VHO on an ice-cap 430.
    12. mainly SPS (acros, montis, etc.) w/ a few LPS and a few zoos
    13. tissue color - mainly lighter
    14. tank started 4/14/02 almost 3 years old
    15. i mainly want to use the zeovit system to prevent nutrient buildup in DSB. i do not use a fuge. besides that, i would like corals to color up more.
    16. only supplemntal dosing i use is B Ionic daily. if i should need to raise Ca i will use turbo ca. if i need to raise Mg i use Kent tech m. i also use recommended dosage of lugol's solution.
    17. 155lb LR( mostly marshall is and branch fiji, since tank was started, almost 3 years old).
    140lb pure aragonite sand for 3-5" DSB
    18. currently only problems i see are bubble algae and a slight case of cyano. i have had a couple millepora and montis start getting white around edges. i broke off white section and most were ok, a couple went on to die. i also have a yongei which is bleaching starting from 1/2 way up base. it was started as a frag and really has not grown much. don't know why i have problems with this 1 especially.
    19. problem description, see #18.
    20. i use only salifert test kits, oldest ones are from when tank was started almost 3 years ago. Ca and Mg are newest ones, maybe 1.5 years old.
    21. have not started zeo yet.
    22. salinity 1.023-1.024, ph 7.8-8.1, temp 79-80.
    ** a couple other things i wanted to say, i do not and will not be using a reactor. have no room for reactor and plumbing. i will either use a small fluval or just put zeo in sump. i also use a 50micron filter sock in sump which is switched every 5 or 6 days. i know i've read that u should start zeo slow but don't know how i will do this if i use zeo in sump, or in fluval.**
    2. net water volume
    92 corner SPS BB, 2X250W Phoenix 14K/PFO dual HQI ballast, 2X95W URI actinic VHO/Ice-Cap 430, Euro-reef CS6-2, Iwaki 30RXT return, 4XTUNZE 6000 on MC,22g sump,135lb Fiji branch/Marshall Is. LR/ tank up 4/16/03

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    DMK, good that you're moving forward with ZEOvit. It's important for SPS, that your parameters are inline with NSW & stable. Failure to do this will stress your SPS & eventually result in a shut-down syndrome. For your system, I recommend running a Fluval over filter sock for your zeolites. Go ahead & run it continuously, if cycling would result in back syphoning. Dose 1/2ltr. of zeolites in the Fluval at 50gph. Shake the canister vigorously 2x's/day. & exchange these stones in 4wks. After the first zeolite change the quantity to be used is 3/4ltrs. Dose 3/4Cup carbon passively, in sump, & knead this every other day & exchange every 4wks. Dose Bak/Food 2drops/2drops daily for the 1st 2wks, then 2x's/wk. Turn-off the skimmer for 60min after dosing these. Dose .25ml Start 2x's/day daily for the entirety. Ask any questions, as they appear. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      thanks bob, what size fluval do u think?
      92 corner SPS BB, 2X250W Phoenix 14K/PFO dual HQI ballast, 2X95W URI actinic VHO/Ice-Cap 430, Euro-reef CS6-2, Iwaki 30RXT return, 4XTUNZE 6000 on MC,22g sump,135lb Fiji branch/Marshall Is. LR/ tank up 4/16/03


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        I've never used one--but I'd guess a medium would hold the necessary zeolites, & the output can be valved to control the gph thru it. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"