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  • !! Cyno !!

    Hi there guys

    I have noticed that there is small cyno break out's in my tank, it is not too serious yet, but there has been a definite increase day by day.

    Please can you tell me what I should be doing in terms of dosing?

    Current dose:

    Zeostart 1.5ml twice a day
    ZeoBak/ Food 3 drops a day

    100 gallon set up running 350 lph on a three hour on three hour of cycle

    Going on to week 2 since started zeo

    Tank and coral's look great!!! ( just the cyno and still a bit of algae )


    PH 8.2
    ALK 10
    CA 530
    MG 1200
    SG 1025
    Ph : 0.1 ( red sea not a great test kit have ordered one from overseas )
    Ni 0.2

    Just want to get it in control before i have a huge cyno outbreak!! :smash:

    Thanks Everyone yet again for all the help!!!!!!


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    i have 125g and i use 1 ml a day od start broken down 3x a day i dose .3ml 3x a day
    180G SPS Mainly
    10 Bulb T5 Starfire
    Calcium Reactor
    3 Tunze 6105's
    Profilux Controller
    ATB Return w/ wavysea
    ATB M External Skimmer


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      So is it the zeostart that will cause the cyno?

      And should i dose it three time's a day rather? 1ml three times a day?

      or should i maybe cut down the start a little?



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        Hello funkyskunk,

        the suggested dosage is as follows:

        1 ml of zeostart each day. You can preferabily dose 0.5 ml in the morning and 0.5 in the evening.

        This dosage may result still too much. Check the cyano in your tank each day. In a week time you should already be able to check if they have totally disappeard by appling the suggested dosage.

        If not, lower the amount to 0.7ml each day untill you will see no more cyano. Dose in 50% amounts morning and evening.

        For what concerns Zeoback and ZeoFood you should do as follows:

        - once you change the zeolith in the reactor and for the next 14 days dose 5 drops every other day for both additives. After the 14 days, you should dose 3 drops of both twice a week.

        You can adjust the suggested dosage on the basis of the nutrients in your tank and of the cyano as well.




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          As Mat, said, you can try reducing the Start dose, & imcreasing the bak/food, however, having said that, Start does not cause cyano. Your parameters are out of line & soon your corals will suffer, due to the imbalance. Therefore, reduce alk to 8 gradually over 1wk. & bring down the Ca level to 430-450. Your Mg level is fine. Too high of elements will result in TN of your corals, as the nutrients are being depleted. Bob
          "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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            I must say that I have a guy that comes in sometimes to look after the tank (water change etc....) when I am away. For some strange reason he add two caps of red sea liquid calcium today,,,,,, and I was not even away !!!!
            When my reading was ca450 2 days ago and alk at 9, i am sure this is the reason this is the reason why calcium and alk are so high,,,,,,,!!!! Anyway going to put a ban on not letting him supplement the tank !!!!
            However the cyno did start before this... when my readings were fine, so am i correct in saying that i should change the dosing to ::

            Start 0.5ml twice a day
            Food / back 5 drops every second day ???????????

            Also what is the relation between CA and ALK if one goes up does the other?

            Sorry probably a stupid question but I am not a hundred percent sure how they work together.



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              Hi Christiaan, with cyano, first be sure your RODI water is low TDS[<4] o/w everything else is downhill. Higher parameters, as too hi a salinity, hold more elements which in a low nutrient waters can cause tissue damage[especially in SPS] At KH 8, try for a Ca level >400 but <460/Mg >1200. Too hi a Ca to KH will overun the buffer of the system, making corals use more energy for calification--in fact Ca at too high a level will inhibit calification totally, resulting in a shut-down syndrome[this is in a low nutrient environment, as with ZEOvit] but also in any tank with nutrient-poor waters.

              Try the above doses for a wk or two while aligning your parameters. Also if possible, dose Start .3ml 3x's/day daily. Bob
              "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                Thanks for the help Bob will do as mentioned, the parameters look like they inline again, must have been because of the liquid calcium, and testing to soon after dosing.

                Thanks for all the help guys!!!!