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  • Tank 1800L + sump 200L

    Ora eu quero iniciar o aquario com o sistema Zeovit ja li muito ja vi opinioes positivas e negativas ( mas as negativas nao foram sufucientes para deixar de quere iniciar o mesmo com o Zeo)

    o aquario de momento sem agua pois disseram-me que o melhor seria iniciar o Zeovit com agua de osmose :P

    mas a minha questao e o que tenho que comprar e por quanto ficaria.

    Eu tenho interesse de usar o sistema completo. (ou nao interessa?)

    Ora ca vai o bixo:

    1.Volume de agua bruto (2000L)

    2.Volume neto de agua (nao faço ideia)

    3.Usas reactores de cálcio ou outras técnicas para aumentar o cálcio? de momento nada.

    4.Usas reactor de fosfatos? Descreve, há quanto usas? (nao uso)

    5.Usas ozono (aquamedic 300)

    6.Usas UV? ( nao)

    7.Que escumador usas?(tipo, volume de agua tratada) (Turboflotor 5000baby single)

    8.Niveis actuais de PO4 e NO3 (sem agua nao ha leitura :P)

    9. Níveis actuais de Ca, Kh e Mg (sem agua nao ha leitura :P)

    10Método de filtração utilizado (refugio de macroalgas, DSB, Miracle MUD, etc...) (relativamente a este assunto tenho algumas duvidas, ainda n sei o k usar)

    11.Tipo de iluminação (watts, temperatura de cor, antiguidade das lâmpadas)
    (5 hqi de 250w 14000k + 12 T5 de 39w actinicas + 10 powercompact azuis todas elas novas)

    12. Que corais tens? (de momento nada mas tenho muito interesse em catalaphy., syrarinas, scolym., euphyllia, sps...)

    13.Qual a sua cor (claros ou escuros) (de momento transparente)

    14.Quanto tempo tem o aquário? (algum tempo ja :P)

    15.Porque queres utilizar o sistema ZEOvit? (porque penso ser um sistema que estava mesmo a precisar, anteriormente utilizava todo o material da tropic marine e muito francamente funciona muito bem relativamente as cores dos sps e que ficam a quem... as seriotoporas nao sao bem rozas entre outros :P )

    16.Qual a dosificação de elementos traça e/ou outros aditivos?

    17.Rocha viva (quantidade e antiguidade) (200kg +coisa -coisa ja tem uma data jeitosa)

    18.Tens problemas no teu aquário? (pra ja nao e espero nc a ter)

    19.Descreve os problemas que tens (perda de pólipos, perdas das bases,
    diatomassas, algas, etc...

    20.Que testes utilizas? (antiguidade, calibração, marca,...) (uso a gama toda da tropic marin e alguns medidores digitais)

    21.¿Doses actuais de ZEOvit, ZEObak, ZEOfood, ZEOstart, ZEOspur2, etc...?
    (procuro que me ajudem relativamente a este tema pois segundo o manuel e uma dosagem segundo alguns utilizadores e outra. se utilizar este sistema que tipo de calcio voces usam?

    22.Outros parâmetros (Temp., salinidade, PH, redox, etc....)
    (neste 0 a tudo)

    Ora ca esta agora aguardo uma opiniao dos peritos nesta area Zeovit, toda a informaçao que me poderem fornecer ficarei agradecido.

    Sem mais questoes

    Miguel M.

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    Hi Miguel, I'm not certain our Portuguese moderator is active at this time & I only understand about 50% Portuguese, but I can try to give you a dosing schedule if this is OK? Plz. let me know if I can help with your questions/dosing regarding ZEOvit. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      HEllo bob i can make all my question in english if u wanna :P tell me one thing did u understand all stuff from my aquarium?

      here is all the questions i have made in my post:

      Now I want to begin the aquarium with the system Zeovit read already very already saw positive and negative (but the negatives didn't go sufucientes to leave of quere to begin the same with Zeo)

      the aquarium of moment finds.if without it waters because they told me that the best would be to begin Zeovit with it longs for of osmose: P

      but my subject and the one that I have buy and for as it would be

      I have interest of using the complete system. (or doesn't it interest?)

      here is going the tank

      1.Volume of it longs for rude (2000L)

      2.Volume grandson of it longs for (I don't make idea)

      3.Use reactores of calcium or other techniques to increase the calcium? of moment anything

      4.Use fosfatos reactor? Does he/she describe, how much is there use? (I don't use)

      5.Use ozono (aquamedic 300)

      6.Use UV? (no)

      7.what escumador use?(type, volume of it longs for treated) (Turboflotor 5000baby single)

      8.Levels actuais of PO4 and NO3 (without it longs for there is no reading: P)

      9. Levels actuais of Here, Kh and Mg (without it longs for there is no reading

      10.Filtration method used (I take refuge of macroalgas, DSB, Miracle MUD, etc...) (relatively to this subject I have some doubt, still n know k to use)

      11.Illumination (watts, color temperature, antiquity of the lamps) (5 hqi of 250w 14000k + 12 T5 of 39w actinicas + 10 blue powercompact all of them new)

      12. What corals do have? (of moment anything but I have a lot of interest in catalaphy., syrarinas, scolym., euphyllia, sps...)

      13.witch his color (clear or darkness) (all transparent at the moment because i dont have nothing inside tank

      14.what time have the aquarium? (life time some years but with water 0 so far :P

      15.Because you want to use the system ZEOvit? (because I think to be a system that was really to need, previously it used the whole material of the tropic marinates and very frankly it works very well relatively the colors of the sps and that are to who ... the seriotoporas are not well rozas among other: P)

      16.Which the dosificação of elements moth and/or other addictive ones? 17.Rocha live (amount and antiquity) (200kg + thing - thing already has a skillful date)

      18.Do you have problems in your aquarium? (for now i dont have any problms and i wich never get a single one :P

      19.Desc the problems that you have (loss of polyps, losses of the bases) nothing soo far because i didnt start yet the Zeovit system.

      20.What tests do use? (antiquity, calibration, marks...) (I use the range all of the tropic marin and some digital meters)

      21.Doses actuais of ZEOvit, ZEObak, ZEOfood, ZEOstart, ZEOspur2, etc...? (I seek that help because relatively to this theme according to the manuel is one type of dose, and according some users is other...when using this system that type of calcium you use?which the best to use?

      22.Other parameters (Temp., salinity, PH, redox, etc....) (at this time the reading to everything is 0)

      here he is now i wait from an opinion of the experts in this area Zeovit, all the information that could supply me will be grateful i got already the manual in english and portuguese :P

      Without more subjects

      Miguel M.

      my english isnt too good so i hope u could understand all the words i have writed in this post :P


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        Thnx. Miguel, for the additional English information on your new reef A couple of ponts that I'll briefly touch on here that are important to success with ZEOvit. First, be patient with ZEOvit, allowing the bacterial-driven method to establish a nutrient balance & biology. This will vary but may take months to achieve. For this reason ozone is not used with the ZEOvit method. Secondly, maintain the water parameters at NSW levels, & if any of these drift out of the ZEOvit guidelines, then coral stress[especially SPS] does occur. Softies & LPS are much more tolerant to these variations & thus, would be best to begin stocking, as this will provide time for you to aquaint yourself with maintaining parameter control. Thus maintain the following with either a Ca Reactor[recommended] or 2-part solution: Ca>400<450/Mg>1200<1400/dKH 6-8/K+ 380/salinity 1.024-.027. Using KZ's Reefer's Best Salt makes maintenance of these critical parameters easy, as this saltmix is perfectly balanced for NSW levels. Do 5-10% water changes weekly for replenishing traces are are assimilated by the reef organisms/metabolism. For your system, I'd recommend the following:

        1)place 1.5ltrs of well rinsed/soaked carbon in a filter sock, passively in your sump & knead this bag daily.
        2)place 4 ltrs. zeolites in a zeo-reactor with the flow rate of 1500-1600 l/h. Do not exceed the maximum. With no corals at the beginning, operate the zeo-reactor continuously. Clean the stones per the plunger, 1-2x's/day daily with 10 repetitions each time. The first zeolite exchange is at 4wks. then this time frame becomes 6-8 wks. thereafter. Always use 10-15% old zeolites to speed seed the new.
        3)dose 20 drops Bak & 10 drops Food7 daily for the first week, then dose these 3x's/wk. until the next zeolite exchange. Dose in front of the zeo-reactor. ZeoBak is refrigerated.
        4)dose 1.75ml Start2 2x's/day daily near the zeo-reactor.
        5)I recommend not adding corals until the first zeolite exchange, by then the reef's cycling should be complete & the zeo-biology established. At the first exchange when corals are introduced then some nourishing supplements should be initiated. If you will repost at that time, suggestions on what supplements can be discussed. If ordering time is a concern in Portugal, then please pre-order an extra round of zeolites[I always stay at least one exchange ahead], a small bottle of AAHC[aminoacids], Coral Vitalizer[also refrigerated] & Sponge-Power.

        Miguel, feel free to ask any questions now or along the time you proceed with ZEOvit. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"