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    Yesterday i test po4:0.18, my usual value is 0.03-0.05.

    Probabilmente la causa è dovuta ad una sovra alimentazione, avevo preso un piccolo antennarius e per cercare di farlo mangiare ho dato più volte dei piccoli pesci freschi di 3 o 4 cm che puntualmente non mangiava e rifilavo agli anemoni. Inoltre avevo preso anche una coppia di pterapogon e uno dei 2 è morto e non sono riuscito a prenderlo perchè un granchione se lo è tirato sotto le rocce.
    Per finire ho utilizzato per qualche giorno Zeocon edlla kent ed ho visto che bloccava la schiumazione per qualche ora. Nel mentre ho sempre dato qualche alimentio per coralli.

    antennarius restituito al negoziante
    Non uso più Zeocon
    Ridotto il cibo ai pesci.
    Yesterday i change 60 ltrs over 330 net.
    Other solutions: po4 media remover (rowa)? dosage variation of zeostart2 or back or food? reactor 3h on and 3h off?
    Animals (lps, sps and other) for now is good, i think that trachiphyllia and cynarina like high po4.
    Sorry for not complete translate but too difficult in english for me.
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    Thnx. Andrea for the translation Rising P04's can result from many different situations.

    1) Impure product water from your R/0 unit. Check the TDS--it should be < 5, & the P04's which should be zero. This is where everything begins, so the product water, of course, must be pure.
    2)Dead animals[missing fish?]
    3)recent increase in bioload--addition of fish, etc, with an increase in feeding.
    3)Improper flow rate or quantity used in the zeolite reactor. For exampl, in your system, use .8 ltrs. zeolites with a flow rate between 150-300 l/h. Try not to exceed 300 l/h. Please cycle the reactor as mentioned in your other thread.
    4)inadequate use of Bak, Food & Start2. What are your current quantities of zeolites, flow rate, & the zeo-components?
    5)consider increasing % of your water changes.
    6)if you use a Ca Reactor, please check the effluent for P04's & let us know this result.
    7)be sure to use carbon passively in your sump, kneaded daily & exchanged monthly. The recommendation is 1 Cup carbon for each 4oo ltrs. net volume.

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      1) i can't chek tds but i chek po4 that is 0.01
      2) yes, i lost a pterapogon, a can't remove it
      3) yes, i add 2 pterapogon (1 dead after 3 day), 1 little antennarius, i increase food (litttle fresh fish 2/3 cm) to food antennarius, now i given back antennarius
      4) i dose:
      2 drop of back 2 times at week
      2 drop of food7 2 times at week
      5 drop 3 times at day of zs2 (total about 0.7ml day)
      5) i change 35 ltrs over 330 ltrs net 1 times at week, yesterday i change 60 ltrs
      6) i check
      7) yes, i have 400ml carbon and i change montly
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        Andrea, a additional point if you use a Hanna PO4 meter. Please do another measurement while some of the tests chemicals could be not OK, showing a much higher reading.



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          Thnx. Andrea for the information.

          #1 is good
          #2 could be your problem as your zeo-dosages appear fine. Increase the cleaning repetitions by 5 more than usual or more often. I pump-clean my reactor each time I dose Start2[3 x's/day], 10-20 repetitions each time. This should be done only with the cyle "on". By the way, the cyling of the reactor allows both aerobic & anaerobic bacteria to proliferate, reducing both N03's & P04's evenly. Be sure to turn off your skimmer for 60min after dosing Bak & Food7. It is not necessary to turn off the skimmer when just dosing Start2. Let us know the P04 level from your Ca Reactor effluent when you can Bob
          "There might be something to this ZEOvit"