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Zeovit sem 22. Próximo cambio zeolitas

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  • Zeovit sem 22. Próximo cambio zeolitas

    La próxima semana se cumple la nº 22 y haré el 4º cambio de zeolitas.
    Hi, next week is the number 22 and I will have to do 4th zeoliths exchange.

    Parámetros actuales:
    Salinidad: 1024.5
    KH: 6-7
    Ca: 400
    Mg: 1300
    NO3 : no se detectan
    PO4 : 0.01 - 0.05 ppm

    Dosis actual:
    Volumen del acuario: 430 litros
    Zeolitas: 1 litro 1/4
    Zeocarbón: 1/4 litro
    Bak : 2 gotas / 2x semana
    Food7 : 1 gota / 2x semana
    Start2 : 0.15 ml / 2x dia
    AAHC : 2 gotas / dia
    PIF : 4 gotas / 2x semana
    SPG : 2 gotas / dia (2 semanas SI/1 semana NO)
    Spur2 : 2.5 ml / 2 semanas
    C-V : 6 gotas / dia

    Durante este tiempo los corales han mejorado en crecimiento y aspecto. Se aprecia una mejora en la coloración, especialmente en las puntas, pero aún está muy lejos de lo que esperamos conseguir con este sistema.
    Como aspecto "negro" destacar que las algas "briopsis" siguen presentes si bien su color se ha vuelto marrón en vez de verde.

    For this time, corals have improved regarding growth and aspect. I can see an improvement in their colour, specially in the tips but it is yet far to be what we hope to obtain with this system.
    As bad issue, the briopsys continue although their colour are become brown and not green like they were before.

    Please, new dosage for next step

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    Hi Juan Carlos, & thank you for your help with Guppy[Carlos] as there were several Spanish words that defied my recollection in his post We'll increase your zeo-quantities to enrich color & growth

    1)For the next 6 wks continue the same quantities of zeolites & carbon.
    2)dose Bak 6 drops & 3 drops Food7 every other day for 5 doses with new zeolites, then 4 drops Bak & 2 drops Food 2x's/wk. You can stop cycling the stones now whenever you wish or continue the cycling of your zeo-reactor. You can now also stop turning off your skimmer after dosing Bak/Food is you wish--your choice.
    3)dose Start2 .25ml 2x's/day
    4)dose PIF 12 drops & Fe 4 drops 2x's/wk;dose 3-4 drops AAHC & 12 drops C-V daily; begin ZeoSpur-ME & dose 25 ml. once a week, in one dose; continue dose Spur2 every two weeks & SPG as you have been Any questions Juan Carlos? Bob
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      Hola Bob,
      Cuando dices "parar el ciclado de las piedras" quieres decir parar el ciclo de 3 horas on-off, verdad?
      Cuantas veces debo agitar las piedras?
      Recuerda que tuve hace unas semanas sobredosificación. Incrementar la dosis de start2 puede producirlo de nuevo?

      Hi Bob,
      When you say "stop cycling the stones" you mean stop cicle 3 hours on-0ff, right?
      How much times must I pump the stones?
      Remember that I had overdosing some weeks ago. Increase star2 dosage can it produced it again?


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        Hi Juan Carlos, you can continue to cycle the zeo-reactor[zeolites] or operate the reactor 24/7[continuously], as you're in latter Phase 2 or early Phase 3.--your choice. The frequency of pumping the zeo-reactor is also your choice, but try to do this at least once a day, preferably more. Start2 contains some helpful elements besides a carbon source, which will help not only with nutrient reduction but also coral health. An excess of Start2 will result in slime-deposits with small air-bubbles noticed on your live rocks; if this occurs, simply decrease the quantity by 50%. Bob
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          Hi Juan Carlos, you can continue to cycle the zeo-reactor[zeolites] or operate the reactor 24/7[continuously], as you're in latter Phase 2 or early Phase 3.--your choice.
          Sorry Bob. I do not understand this paragraph.
          What does "operate the reactor 24/7" mean?
          I understand, am I finishing Phase 2 or beginning Phase 3 ?


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            Hi Juan Carlos, sorry if I'm not clear. When one has been using Zeovit 5-9 mos. nutrient-poor levels in your aquarium should be reached, at which time the zeo-filter[reactor] can be run continuously, instead on running "on" & "off" at 3hr intervals, the usual recommendation. There is no problem with always using the 3 hr. intervals of "on" & "off" forever if you wish. So, it's optional.

            To review the staging of Phases within ZEOvit, please read the sticky in the English general forum regarding same. Bob
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              Ok Bob,
              Now, it is clear


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                Hola Bob, otra pregunta:
                En mi roca viva no observo lodo con pequeñas burbujas de aire, pero si que tengo como pequeños pelos (parecen algas) con una burbuja de aire en el extremo en algunas zonas y en el cristal trasero.
                Que puede ser?

                Hi Bob, one question.
                On my live stone I do not see slime with small air bubbles but I see like small hairs (algaes?) (1-2 cm long) with a little bubble in their tips in some areas and back pane.
                Do you know what I mean?
                What can it be?



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                  Hi Juan Carlos, if they're small brown turf-like[cotton] balls deposited on the rocks, tank-bottom, or panes, it's excessive biofilm accumulates indicative of zeo-dosing excess, therefore, Juan Carlos one can reduce the Bak/Food/Start2 amounts by 25%. If it's just a light brown but smooth film, I would not adjust the dfosages as the higher zeo's contain special elements which enrich our corals color, & just do some additional cleaning, until the bacterial density expands & utilizes the higher quantitiesBob
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                    Hi Bob,
                    So I would not know what to say but, some of it there is. Currently I am dosing:
                    Bak: 2 drops /2x wk
                    Food: 1 drop 2x/wk
                    Start2: 0.15 ml / 2x day

                    Now, in the next stones exchange, I must increase the dosage to improve growth and color of my corals.
                    Ufff, what can happen? I am a bit confused.


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                      Hi Juan Carlos, & thnx. for your questions[doubts] regarding the zeo-dosing--it's no problem to wonder.

                      Let me ask a question--are these small hairs green or brown? Bob
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                        Hi Bob, They are complety brown

                        Thanks for your support again


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                          Originally posted by premmas
                          Hi Bob, They are complety brown

                          Thanks for your support again
                          Sorry, I forget it. They are a bit weak also and fall apart between my fingers.


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                            Thnx, Juan Carlos, one check just to be sure. Be sure your product water is low in Silicates/P04's/ & TDS. I need to use a DI-Si canister on my R/O unit to ensure these are negative in my product water. If these test positive, then this can lead to the dark, brown strands[hairs]. Juan Carlos, plz. use the dosing quantities as above on post # 2, as again this higher dosages will contain special elements that will strengthen coral color.. This quantity will not harm your corals . If you develop slimey-deposits with small air-bubbles on your rocks, then reduce Start2 dosage by 50% quantity. Bob
                            "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                              Ok, Bob.
                              I will test my product water, although my RO unit is only 6 months old,