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  • reactor de calcio/carbonatos

    Bueno, pues antes de comenzar con el Zeovit,parece ser que debemos poner a punto el reactor de calcio.

    Como no me hago con el trasto, a ver si sois capaces de aconsejarme como regularlo, esto es lo que obtengo:

    -El kH me sube un monton, a mas de 16.

    -El calcio no consigo subirlo. A pesar de bajar el ph en el reactor a 6 no se disuelven mas de 450 mg/l.

    Dentro tengo el Rowa lith

    Como lo puedo regular bien? Que medio usais?

    Any help will be really appreciated.

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    you will need to lower your KH by stopping your Ca Reactor and letting it go down over time. If you have a large coral load, then watch it more since it will most likely lower quicker. You can also do a nice big water change. Test your new water change and see what the KH is of that to compare. Make sure you test daily to see where your KH level sits. Once you get close to your desired level, slowly turn your Calcium Reactor back on.

    You also said you placed your PH at 6. This is very low and thats why you have high Alk levels. You should be in between 6.1 to 7.2. I have mine set at 6.5 but I also have a large coral load. I used to have it at 6.7 when I didnt. But then again, I also changed to a coarse media (larger chunks) which need a lower PH to dissolve it. Raise your PH level to 6.8 and then start going down. But do this after you get close to the Alk levels you want in your tank.

    If this needs to be translated, please let me know.


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      Hi Invincible, thanks for the input.

      I lowered the ph in the reactor to try to disolve more calcium. The only thing I get is more kH, but not calcium. Cannot run it over the 470 ppm level in the outlet.

      It takes four days to go the kH down to 2,5 meq in a 450 liters aquarium. In the meantime I maintained the calcium with cloride.

      I will start today the reactor again. I would like to adjust it before starting with the zeovit. But I'm finding really difficult to manage properly the reactor.

      I'll follow your indications and will run it at 6,8 pH and let you know the result.

      Thanks again


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        If you're not able to keep your Calcium up, then you need to check your Mg level. When you have low Mg levels, Calcium is hard to keep up. Make sure your Magnesium levels are 1300-1400.


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          Mg level seems fine, between 1350-1450. Thanks.

          The only thing is how to handle the reactor. It is working now at 6,7-6.8 pH but Ca level is still around 500 ppm in the outlet, no more. With this performance I cannot maintain the level in the aquarium.

          May be it would be better to change to other more soluble medium.


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            No, it sounds like your levels were always high. You need to stop dosing until the levels come down a bit. Then start again.


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              OK, I will let it drop a bit.

              What do you think about the Ca media? Should I change to other?


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                You dont need to. Just have to be patient while you tune what you have right now. Give it 2 weeks minimum. It takes time to tune a Ca Reactor.


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                  Thanks again. Will post what happens.

                  Next week will start to add the zeolite. While tunning the reactor I will probably have to correct levels adding calcium cloride. Do you think that it will be an inconvenient?


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                    Hi ErrolFlin, as you are dialing-in your Ca Rx just supplement with CaCl, Mg, &/or buffer--the parameters are Ca->400/Mg >1250 & the KH-6.5-8.0/1.023-.025. You may need to add Mg granules[10-15%] of your reactor media to maintain Mg, but a lot depends on your saltmix. Bob
                    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                      Thanks Bob.

                      Really easy maintaining levels with dosing pumps. Too tricky the Ca Rx by the moment.

                      I will low the Mg while receive the granules. Hope it will be enough to start running it properly.


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                        Pues no entiedo naaaaaaa ...........aluguna traduccion, si un quiere parender primero tiene que leer no?


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                          Oño, Rodolfo, te lo cambio por el mio, yo no logro subir el KH de 6 y el calcio lo tengo a 500, ¿sera verdad eso que dicen que cada acuario es un mundo?, utilizamos el mismo reactor, el mismo sustrato el Co2, no se, ¿pero como es posible esto? si es que hay para goger un...


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                            Hola Patxi

                            perdona me he despistado. Me esta costando un huevo el ajustar el reactor de calcio. Me da mucho kH y poco calcio. Porque? qui lo sa, yo ni idea.

                            En los post me recomiendan bajar un poco el nivel de magnesio, de 1350-1450 a 1300-1400. Ya lo he hecho pero nada, todo sigue igual. Alguien me ha vendido un reactor de calcio descalcificao?????? :smash:

                            No me recomiendan cambiar el medio del reactor, solo bajar el mg y el kH. Ya estan los dos bajos pero nada.

                            Seguire investigando


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                              Bueno, yasta!!!!!

                              Ya va bien. Ya saco el calcio a 550, al fin. perfecto.