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Need help with the Korallen-zucht skimmer

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    1. Is the salinity correct? 2. Is something extra added? 3. What may cause leaching of certain materials in the pipeline? 4. What was changed before this change occurred. 5. Use/borrow a good skimmer cross comparison. If the situation in the fifth point remains the same, then it should be possible to rule out the skimmer (original) problem, which may be caused by the inclusion of certain “substances” in the “water body”.


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      Hi ya,

      I have never use one of these skimmer,

      I assume that the hose to the nozzel is joined through the body ??

      If so, this pic looks like a air leak.

      Have you tried a new hose (no joint) to the nozzle.
      (maybe the joint inside the the skimmer, the water movement is unseating the hose)

      Looking at the pic's and the vids,
      the pump is pumping water

      I would remover the skimmer cup, and try a hose straight to the nozzle.

      If that does not improve, i would look at the nozzle and or nozzle installation

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        Those pumps should make it for sure, I would rule them out.

        I mussed that the nozzle does not have a connector for the silicone hose which can be clearly seen in the picture Nick has posted. How is the silicone hose connected with the nozzle ? Can you post a detailed picture ?



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          Unfortunately, I can’t take a picture. The local Korallen-zucht dealer asked me to leave a skimmer for him so that in his free time he would look and try, if he could, to help.
          But I have already published all the necessary photos.
          The first adapter (photo number 4) passes through the silicone tube, then it goes through the tube to the second adapter, which is attached to the acrylic body (photo number 3), from it inside the skimmer the hose ends with an adapter (photo number 1), which is inserted into the camera where the water supply nozzle is inserted (photo number 2).

          The salinity did not change. Salinity level has always been 1.025
          Now I decided to raise it to 1.0255. But there was a problem with the skimmer at both salinities.
          Additives only Korallen-zucht.
          Jackie, you're offering a cross-comparison. I did not understand what exactly, but now I have a Tunze skimmer 9410 DC, which foams like crazy on both wet skimming and dry skimming. And the KZ skimmer, I can only set it to dry, because when I close the damper to raise the water level, the skimmer stops foaming.


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            Buona sera a tutti sono nuovo nel gruppo purtroppo ho acquistato uno schiumatoio korallenzucth e presento gli stessi problemi non riesco a capire come funziona è praticamente impossibile fare schiuma bagnata le bolle non salgono.
            Ho contattato anche korallenzucth dove lo ho appena preso ma non ho ottenuto nessuna risposta.
            Grazie attendo indicazioni. Luigi.

            Good evening everyone I'm new to the group unfortunately I bought a korallenzucth skimmer and I have the same problems I can't understand how it works it is practically impossible to make wet foam the bubbles do not rise. I also contacted korallenzucth where I just got it but got no response. Thanks, I await directions. Louis.​
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              Hello Louis and welcome to !

              Can you please post a picture of your skimmer and maybe a short video ?

              Please also tell us which pump you use for the skimmer and the water level in your sump.



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                Grazie per la tempestiva risposta la pompa aquabee 3000 data da korallenzucth con lo schiumatoio.
                il livello in sump è di 25 cm come consigliato

                Thanks for the prompt reply the aquabee 3000 pump given by korallenzucth with the skimmer.
                the level in sump is 25 cm as recommended
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                  Have you already uninstalled the ventury to see if inside is anything which does block the flow like algae etc ?

                  Please also post a picture if possible.



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                    Si smontato e lavato con acqua calda non c'è niente che ostruisce ho smontato anche il tubo di ricircolo e chiuso il foro la schiuma è leggermente migliorata ma ancora bassa non sale nel bicchiere.
                    Sono molto deluso ho speso più di 600€ per un prodotto che non funziona.....

                    It was disassembled and washed with hot water, there is nothing blocking I also disassembled the recirculation tube and closed the hole the foam is slightly improved but still low it does not rise in the glass.
                    I am very disappointed I spent more than 600€ for a product that doesn't work.....
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                      vinegar is best to clean and test skimmer before use.

                      1/ how big is tank , how big is the sump

                      2/ have you tried increasing water height
                      - 27cm
                      - 30cm

                      you pic not very clear ☹️
                      Can you take more picture to help ?


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                        Thank you for the picture, main problem is there is not enough air soaked in the skimmer body.

                        Please try to remove the silicone hose temporary at the connector (red arrow in the attached picture) and make sure the connector is not blocked by anything (salt / dirt etc.).

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                          Purtroppo contatterò anche in qualche modo korallenzucth suppongo che il problema sia legato al venturi ho sostituito anche la pompa con una pompa decisamente più grossa 4500 l.min. h 3,5.
                          Ma le bolle all interno del con non salgono addirittura se si stringe a fondo il raccordo per collegare la pompa cessano del tutto.
                          Grazie luigi.

                          Unfortunately I will also somehow contact korallenzucth I assume that the problem is related to the venturi I also replaced the pump with a much larger pump 4500 l.min. 3.5 hours.
                          But the bubbles inside the con do not rise even if you tighten the fitting to connect the pump completely.
                          Thanks louis.
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                            Hello Luigi, have you already tried to remove the hose at the connector (picture with the red arrow I have posted before) ?

                            At the moment I see two possiilities:

                            1. There is any issue with the ventury.
                            2. Anything has blocked or limited the air intake through the hoses.



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                              Ciao ho tolto il tubetto la foto mostra 2 giorni di lavoro.

                              Hi, I removed the tube, the photo shows 2 days of work.
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                                Still not working as it should be, there is stillt to less air in the skimmer body.

                                Please check if the silicone hose in the skimmer between the connector and the ventury is 100% clean.
                                Make sure the silicone hose is the original size not with a smaller diameter.

                                Otherwise I would recommend you to contact korallenzucht to ask them to repalce the ventory. You can send them a link to this thread.