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  • Protein Skimmer Question

    Hi all,

    As I start the Zeovit system.... I am starting to look at every detail of my tank. I currently have a tank that is 120-150 gallons with a Reef Octopus 110 INT (which is only rated for 100 gallons of water).

    I use filter socks, and have the skimmer in the following chamber. I'm concerned that I'm not going to be skimming enough due to my tank volume. However, I don't have any additional space underneath the sump! Will this be enough skimming power for me? Or should I look into other options?

    Thanks for your thoughts,

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    I have no experience with Reef Octopus 110 INT. I can't say anything. I think you can check the capacity of their water tank from the people who use this skimmer model to see if it is enough. This may be a direction. In addition, as you described the space problem, maybe we should also pay attention to it, such as: the location/space of the zeolite reactor, the distance between the zeolite reactor outlet and the skimmer inlet, and the convenience of all subsequent operations, as well as Whether the water level of the sump (when the return motor is running) is too low or too high (each skimmer has its recommended operating water height), and when the power is cut off (regardless of whether a check valve is installed on the pipeline or the siphon is broken) Whether the amount of water returned to the sump is enough to carry, etc., the above may all be paid attention to


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      I have the avast reactor which sits outside my tank. It pulls water out of the first chamber (before skimmer) and adds it back
      into tank in third chamber (after skimmer). I believe this follows the guidelines. I’m just concerned whether or not my skimmer is strong enough.


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        Basically, I think the 110-INT model should be enough for skimming. But your problem is "no extra space". I think as long as the water can enter the inlet and the outlet steadily, there should be no problem. What we want is to be able to work "steadily".
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          If your system has a strong, solid biology and if the fish stocking level is not to high while nutrient levels are stabile low I would not see a reason why a skimmer which is rated for a lower water volume from the manufacturer would not be adequate for your system size.