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  • small BK skimmers

    Any news out there, heard rumors of some smaller models avail in 2006?

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    The new skimmers where advertised for February the 1th so I expect they should be available soon.

    In the meantime here you can find some information for the new models:



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      Is there any update on these new smaller skimmers?


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        Ruth, the smaller BK`s should be available after Interzoo exhibition which is in the middle of May 2006. There where some kind of problems with the pump, they have to be fixed.

        Not sure when the US importer Captiveoceans will receive them, maybe Scott or Gary can jump in here.



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          We hope to have them as soon as Klaus can ship them out . Interzoo should be a good time, we look forward to playing with all the new toys Klaus is making.


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            Scott, do you know anything about the smaller Red Dragon stand alone pumps? Will these also be released soon? I need a smaller dead silent pump.

            Also you mentioned something before about T5 tubes that are supposed to be better than the other brands, is that available yet? I'd love to try some 54W bulbs run off an IC660.




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              As far as the pumps, they will be released the same time with the skimmers. Interzoo is May 14-16 so soon after that they will be available. As soon as they are ready to ship to us, we will make the announcement to people in the states . We have a customer using a BK 2000 pump on a Euro-Reef 12-2 I think it was, it had 2 pumps on it, she went to the 1 bk, and it kicked major you know what. So well in fact she has 2 x BK650's on her tank . She loved that one pump so much she wouldn't give it back hehe. Gary got to see it run and said it was a monster with that bk pump on it!

              Now to answer your second question.

              1. Yes we have the 15k's in stock, and they are sick. I picked a couple people to test them for us, and hope to see a report soon, from what I heard from one, he said they are just amazing.

              2. We have the order in for the Actinic bulbs, they were supposed to be 4-6 more weeks, but they got them done a lot faster for us . We hope to have them ship next week to us. We should have 50-100 of each size for both the 15k and Blue/Actinic.

              On to the 660 part, they are so bright off the 660 I am switching one of our prop tanks for the SPS to strictly T5's w/Ice Cap 660. We are VERY pleased with the performance of IceCap and our Photon Lighting systems.

              You can email or pm me directly for pricing, etc.



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                small BK's

                I was interested in these after I saw this post, and I'm in the market for a new skimmer as I setup my tank again. In doing some research I found this thread on royal exclusiv's webpage:


                I think it says that the new BK 160 (smallest one) will be 550 euro. In trying to estimate a US price, I took the euro price of the bk200 int (1,283) and the U.S. price ($1,899), and applied the same ratio to the 550. It came out to be $814

                This might not be accurate, but who knows.
                I was willing to spend up to about $550 to $600, but I can't swing $800.
                The euro prices of the smaller red dragons are on the same post.


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                  well that link doesnt work, but if you click on news at the top of the page and then click on the thread ""Volks"-Abschäumer" and scroll down you will see the post.


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                    Yeah its the Euro that is killing us . Stupid Euro! Hang tight, we have not heard the price yet on them.

                    But they do look amazing


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                      And don't look for freight to be a stroll in the park either.

                      “People are very open-minded about new things - as long as they're exactly like the old ones.”
                      ...Charles F. Kettering


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                        I will know more in about a month.....
                        Fish eat poop....tastes just like chicken.


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                          Haven't been online in a long time, but can't wait to see them!

                          Scott, you can hardly blame the Euro ... its the USD. One currency is going one way ... the other is headed the opposite way ...


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                            tell me about it. I'm going to Europe in the end of June and the prices are amazing me. It's gotta be 20% more than a couple years ago.
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                              The Canadian Dollar is catching up to the US dollar as well... Makes it easier for us Canadians haha. We loose money on exports now though..

                              Would love to try out one of the new smaller BK's.... Its between that(when they come out) and a Deltec.