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BK 250 INT Users Need a Answer !!!!

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  • OUinLA
    the 250's have a base of 13"x18". The outlet pipe (from the body) comes out at a about a 45 degree angle from the long side of the base. The ouput from the "T" can be moved back and forth to some degree so you can kind of adjust where the output is going if you need it ove a baffle but try and give the sump builder exact measurements.

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  • nyfireman3097
    started a topic BK 250 INT Users Need a Answer !!!!

    BK 250 INT Users Need a Answer !!!!

    Im gonna be getting a 250 soon and I am gonna be having a custom sump made for my new 180.
    So what I wanna know is can the return pipes on the BK be placed over a baffle ???
    If so how big should I make the compartment for the BK to sit in I am planing on a 24"x24" sump ???