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need skimmer selection help

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  • need skimmer selection help

    Hey Guys,

    I'm trying to decide which skimmer to get for my new tank setup. The tank is a 120g BB/SPS tank. I'll have around 100lb rock and ~30g in the sump.

    Doug has (kindly) suggested that an AP850 is overkill ("serious overkill" in his words). Next step down from there is the APF600.

    What do you guys think? Anybody with an AP850 on a similar size setup?

    The price difference is not an issue in my case.

    I keep telling myself "size doesn't matter"...but my wife keeps telling me least as it pertains to the checking account balance!

    BTW, If you didn't know...Doug says the AP850 is being replaced with the AP851...bigger skimmer cup w/drain option.


    - Jason
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    Well, two factors. Are you upgrading or not? Bioload? If you are going to run a zeo style BB sps, minimal fish deal than the APF600 is just fine. If you are going to maybe upgrade or you just can't resist that extra fish...or you have crazy feeding habits like me....let's put it this way--I'm not sure my tank can be overskimmed...
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      i would go with the ap 850


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        I had the chance to sell my APF600 and get an AP851 - one of the first ones in the country. I talked to Naka about it (he's running an AP850 on a 120g) and he was all for it, but once again Doug talked me out of it. He just really thinks it would be overkill for my tank (140g), and I agree. Not to mention that the AP851 has the AP702 collection cup on it which is bigger, so I don't know if it would even fit in my stand.

        I have been 100% satisfied with my APF600, and the only reason I considered upgrading was the whole testosterone-driven "bigger is better" attitude. IF money really is no object, then go for the 850 if you have any doubts you will be satisfied with the APF600. I just decided that I would rather spend that extra $200 on corals.


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          I know exactly what Mike is talking about. I too was very encouraged to purchase the APF600 over the AP851 for my 180g. Maybe there is more profit in the APF600? Just Kidding Doug. It actually arrived today, but I missed the delivery. I guarantee you, I'll have it hooked up by this time tomorrow. If Mike's levels are in check with the APF600, then it is working just as it should. On second thought, with the extra expense of the AP851, you wouldn't be cleaning it as much since there will only be skimmate half of the time (LOWER MAINTENANCE.) And then there is the drain tube. If that is worth the extra cost, then go for it.
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            I would go for the AP850/851 just be have an extra buffer in case of major mishaps/die-offs. I have that kinda mentality..Better be safe than sorry.. and dats why I have the AP902 for a 250G system

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              Well Mike. If this thread convinces you to upgrade, I'll still take that APF650 off your hands. I can hook it up to my 72g bow.
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                Geez Tom, you're killing me here. I'll stick with my APF600 for the time being - at least until I get my tank switchout behind me. Besides, Doug said he wouldn't have anymore AP851's in for another 4-5 weeks, so I've got time to change my mind about 100 times.

                BTW - I just got back in town tonight after being gone for 4 days. I set my skimmer to skim a little drier than usual, because with my normal wetter skimming I would overflow the collection cup after 2 -3 days. Anyway, when I checked the skimmer the collection cup had about 4" of the thickest, nastiest skimmate I've seen yet. I would say the APF600 is doing a heck of a job.
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