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  • grotech skimmer sizes


    I'm new here ,and allready have a question..
    Can somebody tell me the size's of the HEA 200 grotech (of the reactor)


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    Not sure of the sizes --- But really well built and nice looking skimmer.

    Dave B
    400g SPS Reef - 33g Surge - +30k gph Flow - Lots of DIY / 1100g Outdoor SPS System / 280g FO Watch my Reef Tank, LIVE!!!


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      200 is the diam in mm. which is ~8".


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        Ok ,thank

        Can you tell me if they'r any good?
        My favorites are deltec ap850 and the grotech...
        It will be one of this two..for a 650 l. mixed reef (220 gallon ??
        what would you take?


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          I have the HEA-200. Great skimmer easy to do maintenance on. The riser tube/collection cup are one and come off together for easy cleanup. Most importantly is it uses a Eheim 1260 pump. The 1260 pump is standard off the shelf, no modifications so it is easy to replace. This skimmer can be used in sump as well it can be plumbed externally. I would look into how much air each skimmer is pulling in. Seems I remember the Grotech was about 900-1000lph. Maybe Gary (GER) has this info on the Grotech.


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            Originally posted by pete
            what would you take?
            you can't go wrong with either one, i would look what your favorit dealer is selling and would go with that one,
            i see you are from Belgium, are you shopping in belgium or online in other countrys ?


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              Here is my HEA 150, I love it! Pulls out some really nasty stuff.


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                Nice pics ,looks very solid

                I think i'm gonna buy my new skimmer in one of the online shops in germany this time...
                Much cheaper than here..
                The grotech HEA 200 for about 550 € ,and i saw the deltec 850 for 514 € (here in belgium : 708 €)


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                  belgium is even more expensive then germany and i was always complaining about germany, btw if you order online in germany you dont have to pay the sales tax of 16% just in case you dont know, i am just saying that because usally all online prices, on german online shops, are the sales taxes included,


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                    Heinz, did I read that correctly?, 16% sales tax Bob
                    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                      OMG 16%? I will never complain about 5% sales tax here again!

                      Pete, yes this baby is very well built. You wont be disapointed.


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                        yes 16%, but the good news is, soon it will be increasing to 18% sales tax


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                          Yep, Europe is EXPENSIVE. I went to The Netherlands last year to visit my 2 brothers and parents after having been gone for nearly 10 years and with the last visit being 5 years ago.

                          OMG! With the introduction of the Euro, prices are crazy. In Hollands example, rather then slicing prices by 50%, as the Dutch Guilder was at time of introduction 50% less than the value of the Euro, retailers kept prices the same and just changed the symbol from Guilder to Euro meaning prices jumped up twice as high.

                          On top of that, now with the US Dollar being so much lower than the Euro, it's not particularly cheap in Europe for Americans or the Europeans them selves for that matter.

                          When I first became interested in the German reefing products, and prices for these items being lower in Europe than the US, I thought the smart thing would be to order from a shop overthere and having it shipped to the US. By the time you factor in the terrible exchange rate and shipping and if you have bad luck, import taxes, you might as well by the item here in the US.

                          On another note. I just connected my Grotech HEA 150 to my 42 gallon hexagon tank. This tank used to be a seahorse display but will now be converted into a RBTA/Clown display with 1 pair of clowns. The only thing in the tank right now is a 1" layer of livesand and fresh saltwater and the HEA 150 is pulling out some NASTY stuff already. I am impressed. Off-course it's probably considered overskimming considering this skimmer is rated for tanks from 300L upto 1000L.

                          I also have a 2 Deltec skimmers and I don't think you can go wrong with either 1. I've never observed or have used an H&S, but I'm positive it's a great skimmer as well based upon other reefers first hand accounts.

                          Oceanic 135 Gallon 72Lx18Wx24H, Deltec Protein Skimmer, AquaCare Turbo Calcium Reactor 2 (no longer) Deltec Calcium Reactor, Red Dragon Return, Dual Tunze Streams, I-Aquatic Zeovit reactor, 3x 250 HQI 10K, 4x 160 VHO 03, I am HookedOnReefing on RC and JetJockeyCLT on WWM


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                            OMG! With the introduction of the Euro, prices are crazy
                            you can say that again, everything cost just us much in euro us it use to in DM, but the ppl get paid exactly 50% of what they got before the euro, talk about screwed by the goverment,

                            as for skimmer rating, grotech is a little to optimistic regarding their skimmer


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                              Sweden has 25 % sales tax!!