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Skimmer options for a 6000L system

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  • Skimmer options for a 6000L system


    I am currently looking at skimmer options should I decide to go ahead with my next project - a system with a total volume of around 6000L. Possible skimmers for something that size would seem to include:

    - AquaCare Flotor 11000-180A;
    - Aqua Connect Externa 6000;
    - Aqua Medic Turbofloter 10000;
    - ATK Venturi I;
    - Deltec AP1006;
    - GroTech HEA300;
    - Ratz Neptune;
    - Royal Exclusiv Bubble King 650;
    - Sander Helgoland;
    - Schuran Aquaflotor AQ300.

    I am looking for feedback on performance from anyone who owns or has experience of any of these models. As a number of these brands are not distributed or rarely seen in the UK it was suggested on a UK forum that I might have more luck here. Hope you can help!


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    Hi Keith, wow what a tank that will be. I use a AP1004[first 1004 used over here] & luv it--just a great skimmer, as it is user friendly, easy to clean, with precise German craftmanship. I'll have others lend their opinions on the B-K 650. Bob
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      I'd stick to one of the units with a selfcleaning option on that scale....

      I have used a smaller Deltec (702 with SCH) and it was SCHWEET.

      I am close to hooking up a BK400ext on my new setup, but it's not quite there....
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        Thanks for this - I'm a happy Deltec user (TS1064 in-sump skimmer on my existing setup) and have found a number of other Deltec fans in the UK who also recommend the AP1004.

        I'd be particularly grateful for views of those with experience of both Deltec and Bubble Kings as BKs are pretty much unknown in UK at present. The view put to me by one European reefer was that Deltec possibly offer the best skimming package in terms of price v. performance, but for pure performance the BKs had the edge. Does that sound a fair assessment?

        I think if I went for the Deltec I'd probably want a self-cleaning head (I understand the new version is much better than the original). Am I right in that BK do not offer a self-cleaning head?




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          Both skimmers are great. As you mentioned, the Bk does not have a self cleaning head. As far as price, i'm not sure there is that much difference. I've talked to a few people that have had both Deltec and BK and they have told me that BK is the better skimmer. But, you can't go wrong with either one. Just check out what each model is rated for, what you can afford and get one that works for your budget/needs.


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            BK woold be the best chooise.