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H&S VS Euro Reef

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  • H&S VS Euro Reef

    I need some advice on which skimmer to chose, I been researching for quite a while now and got down to 2 manufacturers just not sure which model. Tank is 230 gal with 50 gal sump and mostly field with SPS, CLAMS, some LPS. Let me know if u own one or heard positive, negative feedbacks.
    All skimmers are External

    H&S - A200-2xF2001
    H&S - A200-2x1260
    H&S - A200-3xF2001
    H&S - A300-3x1260


    Euro Reef - CS12-2-RC
    Euro Reef - CS12-3-RC

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    hi Oscar, welcome
    i think the A200-2x1260 will do the job,


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      Agreed. If the A200-2x1260 has similar capabilities to the Deltec AP902, then it will be more than enuff to keep your water clean and pristine. Im personally using the AP902 and the above comment is based on my experience with that skimmer.

      Setup: 250G System, ATI Powermodul 10x80w T5s, 4x6100 Tunze Streams & 7095 MultiController, Deltec PF1000 CR, Deltec AP902 Skimmer, IKS, Zeovit, Artica 1Hp Chiller


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        I have the A200-2x1260 for the tank I am setting up.

        I narroed it down between the Delted AP902 and this one. I was swayed because a friend sold me this one 2 months new :biggthump so he could upgrade to the bigger one with 3 -1260's because he added another 180 gallon tank to his system.

        I think the H&S will be a great choice over the ER if for no other reason than Eheims are great pumps and draw 65 watts each!


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          I have owned the ER 12-2RC and the H&S 2x1260. There is NOOOO comparison. The 2x1260 is awesome. They are worlds apart in every respect. Efficiency, proficiency, quietness.

          I have always wondered how the 3x2001 would work vs the 2x1260. I would recommend contacting finsreef, the U.S. distributor and ask his opinion on which might work better.