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    i plan to upgrade my tank for 75 gallon to 125 i use aqua c ev 180 is ok for 125 or need a big skimmer recomendation

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    The 180 is rated for up to 200 gallons. A little inflated in my mind, but none the less, it should do fine on your upgrade. Decent skimmer IMO. I would work towards an upgrade in the next year or two if you have the means. Air injection isn't as efficient as the needlewheel types. HTH

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      Again, as previously mentioned the EV180 is a decent performer and yes can handle a 125g tank. I also agree that there are definite "upgrades" out there as the air injection model IME doesn't produce the finest bubbles around and requires a relatively large pump to run the thing well. Also IME, the air injection skimmers are relatively labile. However, in terms of "size", sure the EV180 will deal with a 125. Remember a skimmer, as important and as much as we love 'em, really represent "safety net" and reduced water changing etc....
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        I was turned off by the performance of their hang-on skimmer and a Reef Devil Downdraft skimmer which IMO are using close to the same method. I know many like the style but I'd go needle wheel.
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          Greetings All !

          Originally posted by moonpod
          Also IME, the air injection skimmers are relatively labile. ....
          You've got to love websites whose membership regularly use terms like "labile" ... especially when it's exactly the right word ...

          Labile: Unsteady or changing. Unstable; literally, characterized by a tendency to slip.

          Sweet !

          JMO ...
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            I had a Reed Devil back in the day and I hated that thing, I was always having to fiddle with it. I say go needle wheel style.

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