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Skimmer stopped after going zeo.

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  • Skimmer stopped after going zeo.


    Im in the fourth week of transfering to zeovit after using nopox and gfo for nutrient control.
    In the first week of the transfer my Skimmer stopped producing skimmate..
    It has gone from a olmost a full cup of fairly dark skimmate to maybe 1/4 of it and with a light yellow collor.
    Is this normal when transferring?
    I did stop using pelet food on a doser at the same time and instead feed extra frozen food.

    With Reguards


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    I talk about my thoughts, I have no experience using those products you mentioned, so I can't say anything. Different foods, the amount of feeding, the addition of bacteria, the adjustment of the collection cup, etc., all can make the degree of dirty water different. I think in this conversion process, you can try to understand the changes of nitrate and phosphate levels. This is also very interesting, and you will also gain something. I am a zeovit user. The basic products of zeovit are reducing the amount of nutrients. It ’s really powerful

    From your description, things look good. It seems to be moving in the right direction. From an objective point of view, we can roughly judge the degree of nutrient levels, but it can vary with different ones, so we must match the "test package." "To know the exact nutritional level (subjective)


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      Hi thanks for the reply.

      So it could be that the zeovit stones and the carbon (use alot more carbon than befor zeo) is taking up so mutch of the waste that there is not enough left to produce a solid skimmate.
      I cinda thought that zeovit is mainly just carbon dosing
      and that the excess bacteria end up in the Skimmer just like other carbon dosing methods.

      I did not have a drop or rise on No3 the past 3 weeks since I started zeo and Po4 rose to 0.03 the first few days and dropped back to 0.00 within the first week.
      I notice less algae growth so the ammonia clearly is been taken up by the zeo stones.

      So here is some thing I could do as the Skimmer is now only oxinating the water.

      I use a bubble magnus C7 Skimmer witch is rated for 500-700 liter.
      My system is +-300 liter netto.
      The fish load is:
      3x chromis
      2x occelaris clown
      1x yellow tang
      1x yellow wrasse
      1x firefish
      1x salaris
      12x hermid
      10x snail.

      I feed about 1.5 cube fronsen food a day and some nori now and than.

      I would guess that this is a light to medium bio load for this tank..

      I also got a spare Skimmer.
      A deltec sc 1351 rated for 350-600 liter.
      This has a controllable dc pump so it probably could be tuned better for a lighter bioload than the C7.
      It is also rated closer to my tank size, it uses less power and it takes up less room.

      Should I switch the C7 for the 1351?

      Or just let it be?


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        Difficult to say what the reason is but usually the skimmer should perform the same if not more than before. Have you already checked of there is any issue with the skimmer like some kind of blockage in the pump ?



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          Yes I have completely disassembled the Skimmer and cleaned it with citric acid.
          It wasn't really dirty but I did it anyway to make shure the issue was no issue with the Skimmer.

          I indeed expected the same or more skimmate as there should be developing a bacterial plankton.
          And my experiences with other carbon dosing methodes is that the bacteria take off in about 2 weeks so there should be something to skim right now.

          And as my Skimmer did not really did mutch I just swapped it for my old 1351sc model yesterday as it couldn't perform worse.
          And it is already skimming something.
          So I would guess that there are just not enough proteins
          in the water to make my bigger C7 skim.

          But why that changed by transferring to zeo is strange.
          There is ofcourse the possibility that the little bit of pellets I used to feed with an auto feeder just added more nutrients than the frozen food I now add instead.


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            Another idea is that some kind of substances can break down a skimmer to work. Have you added any kind of new equipment / materials to the tank when you have started with ZeoVit ?



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              I have only added a few hermids and I have bought a new frozen food witch is a mix of serval frozen foods combined in1 cube with vitamines added.

              The deltec is skimming well btw after I turned the pump down a bit what I could not do with my ac bm C7.
              So I would guess the addition of the zeo stones is reducing the amount of protines in the water.
              When my tank matures and I start to feed more the bubble magnus will probably work well again.
              And I want it in as I have a auto cleaning head for it and a drain.. so it is olmost maintenance free.


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                If the other skimmer does skim well I would recommend to keep it running at the moment. Fish food can contain fat which might break down to foam production of the skimmer, some kind of skimmer are more sensitive to it.