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  • New tunze skimmers

    Anyone have or heard about new tunze skimmers?
    They look quite interesting with nice technical properties and good prices.
    Model DOC 9005 (for 150 g tanks)cost only 200 euro and draw about 500 liters of air/hour (12 watt pump)
    Bigest model DOC9020 draw about 1300 liters of air/hour (42 watt pump) and cost only 599 euro.

    Anyone use them?

    info from new tunze website =-infoxober007][predid]=-infoxober007
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    The 9010 just arrived in the US last week, Only 5 arrived in the US. I was lucky enough to get one of them, but it was pre-sold, I should get some feedback from my customer in about a week, and hopefully let you know how it performs. The 9005 does not come with the sump kit, where the 9010 does and is a much better value.


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      Skimmer looks great and it looks like its made for space saving aquariums. One thing though, I cant make out what the second pic is?


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        Second pic are tunze bigest DOC skimmer DOC9020,he draw 1300 lit of air/hour,what is IMO excellent.
        Fins reef thank you because I am really interested in customer feedback and how they perform because prices are very good (IMO).
        I remembered year ago when tunze anounce release of their new skimmers and wrote that they performe much better then their old models.
        BTW they also release their zeolit media for salt and freshwater aquarium.


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          The second picture is the 9020 skimmer, which is two of the 9010 skimmer liked together with the foam extraction units instead of the skimmer cup. It is on PG 41 of the new Tunze catalog, which can be downloaded in PDF form. These units can be operated in sump or in tank. While intank mode, it can be a adjusted form the plankton safe mode to 70% flow-thru mode. In sump it is 100% flowthru. The dimensions of the 9005/9010/9015 is 4.9" x 4.4" and the 9020 is 9.6"x4.4" not counting the riser tube.