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  • Bubble King Set-Up Question

    I'll be using my BK300 Ext on a 150 for a little while. The stand is 36" tall so it will actually fit underneath my tank. Since I've never been a huge believer in ridiculous flow to the sump, I was thinking off ALL my overflow water going thru my BK. So basically I'd use a pump that nets 500GPH to my tank, and feed the entire overflow thru the inlet on the BK, coming out of the dual pipes.

    It SOUNDS reasonable but do are there any things I should be careful of in this set-up? Or any reasons I shouldn't be doing this?

    It should save me a lot of space, like those pix that Klaus posted I can sit it right on the edge of the sump.

    The rest of the set-up will include two 6200's dialed way back, two or three Lumenarc III's (wattage TBD), a Deltec FR509 with Rowaphos, another reactor for carbon, and a Schuran JS1 operated with a Cole Parmer. Oh and maybe a Zeovit reactor. :pat:

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    as far as using a return pump with 500GPH and feed your BK with all of you overflow water, is exactly what i was going to do, so i think it should be fine
    you can't use rowaphos when using the zeovit system, zeo needs the PO4 that your PO4 remover will remove,


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      Miguelito, how has this been working for you ??

      Also with my 600gal I was had a few questions... I have a 2" drain on the back of the tank that will be going to the ref as well as feeding the BK400... The split off of the 2" drain will be reduced down to a 1" pipe as to match the inlet of the RD... I am running a Dart as my return pump, am I going to have any issues in doing this ??