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I need a custom skimmer...

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  • I need a custom skimmer...

    I've mentioned this before but I forget the end result.

    I want to find someone who can build me, say a BK but a mini version for my nano. I can't do a hang on and I won't, but I would like mini skimmer. Maybe like 8'' wide and 12'' tall

    Anyone know who could build on of these?

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    I would be careful about having a custom model made. The thing that sets BK, Deltec and H&S apart is the R&D that goes in. They are TRICKY to design well, as anyone who's owned one will tell you. Just look at ER, they keep slapping bigger pumps on the same skimmer body.

    I know you don't want a hang on but the Deltec hangon series would be great. Here is a GroTech that looks small but I don't know the actual size

    I have a 12G nano-customs tank and I don't feel like I need a skimmer. A 20% water change is a piece of cake, and I run ROWAphos + carbon in there.


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      Nano-customs, I know them.

      Sure I know water changes are fine, maybe 20% is a little high but to each his own. I'd like to have a skimmer none the less. Just like you don't NEED a skimmer on a tank, I'd like to have one to make it a little easier.

      I understand the R&D, that's why I asked for recommendations from individuals who do skimmer development.


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        The skimmer would cost more than a bigger tank.
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          Oh I totally agree - if I could put a skimmer on this set-up I would - but it won't work with the NC. You should check out that Gro-Tech, I wonder what the dimensions are.

          Maybe Deltec or H&S could make you a custom. 8" diameter could probably easily handle the Aquabee pumps.

          Can't wait to see what you get.


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            tunze has a nano-skimmer. i believe its about 13" tall by 2" wide or something


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              tunze does have some sort of microskimmer.

              Maybe ask George of geosreef what he can do?
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                Tunze makes the new DOC 9002 which is an internal version that wwould work great for you. If you need an in-sump go with the new DOC9005. They should be in the states in a couple of weeks. The Grotech internal is a nice unit also and is Available now. If you want a custom skimmer, H&S does do custom work, just shoot me some dimensions you want and I can get the infor for you. The custom skimmers take amywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months to get in.