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My H&S Skimmer, BK better be up to the Challenge

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  • My H&S Skimmer, BK better be up to the Challenge

    Because of a move, having to live in a rental home, and waiting at least a year until my home is built - I was forced to sell my large H&S skimmer because I won't have a "wetroom" for a while. I got it from Finsreef. I had a dual Eheim 1260, and decided I wanted a triple 1260 - which was a stupid (Bryan told me so but I didn't believe him ). The dual MORE than kept up with my 340 - extremely tang heavy, and lots of feedings. BUT ... it was amazing to see what a skimmer like this can do.

    I ended up selling the skimmer, and am replacing it with a BK300 External. I am happy that finsreef is carrying the line now - I have been working with him for a while and he is fantastic. His product line and customer service is second to none. Being 50% Asian and 50% German, I'm 100% techie geek, love new products, great engineering, staying ahead of the curve. Oh, I'm 100% beer loving fool also .

    These are parting shots of the 3x1260. It cost me about $2,200 - the same as the BK300 External. The pumps generate about 875LPH each and the BK300 is somewhere around 2,000LPH total so unless there is something magical with the BK I'm skeptical it can keep up with the same priced H&S. But extremely hopeful. These shots were about 36-48 hours of skimming and the cup actually filled in about 24 hours or so. My skimmer had been down for a week. The cup holds about 1.5 gallons.

    There are a few more pix on my website

    The BK gets here in a couple weeks, and my tank will be skimmerless for that time. I really hope the BK turns out the gunk asap, the H&S has absolutely zero break-in time.

    The challenge is on!!!!

    (BTW I stuck with H&S over Deltec mostly because of cost. The same Deltec with 3x1260's was about $1,000 more. Plus I like the acrylic over the black ABS Deltec uses, it's very critical IME to get the skimmer to work optimally).

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    Definately let us know how you like it.

    The BK you're getting pushes 1585 gph of water and 528 gph of air. It's the air drawn in that makes BK skimmers what they are. Dave B and I did put a flow meter on a 1260 (not H&S, but needlewheel) and I can tell you they draw substantially less air than the Red Dragon does.

    As for break in period, it probably won't happen as quickly. I'm not sure why but most people say it takes a couple of weeks to fully break in. That being said, they all seem to skim right away (that day), but it's not until sometime later that they really kick into high gear.


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      i guess the BK better steps up to the plate or we will never hear the end of it
      i can't wait to hear what you have to say, which one you think is performing better,


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        Well I can't wait. The BK will pull about 2,000LPH although I read somewhere that its not that high. I will buy 2 airflow meters to check. The 1260 pulls between 850-900, I have two Dwyer meters that read up to 20LPM. So the total air into the A300 is probably about 2,600LPH - which is more than the BK. I have no reason to think the BK will beat it - there is nothing magical about the design of the BK except that is uses one pump which is GREAT for efficiency. But I do not believe that H&S, Deltec or BK has anything over any other - only that they are all finely tuned, well engineered, high R&D standards that no other American competitor can claim.

        But hey, when I bought my first H&S I did not believe that it would outperform my ER 12-2RC either. Boy was I wrong ...


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          Does anyone know if the Deltec Eheims pull more or less than the H&S Eheims?


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            2000 l/h? Is that all you feed an external BK300?

            My internal does 6000 l/h
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              WOW, Timon, that is a enormous air intake. What model do you have & what number of skimmer pumps support the feeder pump? Thnx. Bob
              "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                doh nevermind, I thought he was talking about water :p
                400 gallon reef, Bubble King 300, I~Spin, 2 x 10,000K BLV 400W, 2 x 20,000K Radium 400W, 2 x 6,400K Osram 400W, Schuran Jetstream 1, AquaController Pro


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                  Madison - my numbers seem to match up with the numbers I've seen published from Deltec so I don't think so. I have 2 Dwyer meters and I've gotten pretty constant numbers from all the Eheims.

                  Orion - I was talking about the air, I run about 850GPH through my H&S. I've tried everything from 500-1,200 but 850 seemed to be enough to slosh around the bubbles. The pix of the BK300's in the other thread look awesome, I can't wait to get mine.


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                    Yeah, looking at all the fabulous amount of skimmate from the BK300s, I am sure you will now regret it!

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