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Need Help understanding the meaning of Air Intake L/H

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  • Need Help understanding the meaning of Air Intake L/H

    Can someone explain to me what exactly the meaning of Air Intake L/H is when it comes to skimmers? What brings me to asking this question is because I am going to buy a Deltec AP600 protein skimmer and when I was reading the specs on this skimmer I saw that the Air Intake was 480 L/H. What level of Air Intake is good and what does it mean? The more the better?


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    its basically how much air the skimmer can pull in

    generally, the more, the better. but if you have too much compared to the actual size of the skimmer, it will be useless cause you'll have to tune it down anyway.


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      Deltecs are a very well-researched product so when they pair the pump with the body width and height, it will work fine. The skimmer will come with an airvalve anyways so u can run it wide-open or tuned down depending on if you want wet or dry skimmate. Water level should remain constant right at the bayonet fitting between the cup and body. Easy as pie. Likewise, H&S skimmers would do the same since they are almost identical to the Deltecs.

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