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How can I make tiny bubble?

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  • How can I make tiny bubble?

    :afro: HI~ all~~

    I have Schuran 150 skimmer in my 100 gallon SPS tank.

    and I wanna know how to make tiny bubble when wet skimming...

    I can controll inlet outlet and air with needle valve...
    and outlet is fully opened...

    which is the correct?

    1. open inlet fully and control the air valve
    2. open air valve fully and control inlet water
    3. control of both are needed
    4. etc.

    I think all of skimmer are same to control...isn't it?

    thanks in advace~!!!
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    I don't think I can really change the bubble size in any skimmer I own. At least not in a range that I can detect. I can somwhat control the amount of air and water entering and the water level in the chamber and that's about it.

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