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Deltec Skimmers Turbo vs Normal?

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  • Deltec Skimmers Turbo vs Normal?

    Hi All,

    Well after doing a little more checking I think we are further considering the Deltec brand skimmers over the Euro-reef, seem like more people have been happier with their customer service. Any opinions (wise idea to further look at the Deltecs over the ER)?

    Upon further looking into the Deltecs, I see they offer two models, the normal larger model then the more compact, insump turbo models. With our room to set this up the turbo would work better. However, I would like to know if anyone has any experience or knows which has better performance. The tank is going to be 150 gallon with a 75 gallon sump (about 165-180 gallons of water volume). I am looking at the AP851 and the Turbo 1060. Both of these are rated at about 270 heavy stocked and 400 normal gallons. My other concern is, I know overskimming is better then normal skimming. Tank is going to be ZEOvit. Was wondering if this is a big enough skimmer or if we should consider a larger one. Planning on having a fully stocked SPS tank with a decent to high fish load. Any ideas/suggestions do not want to buy a skimmer and find out I should have gone larger. I plan on contacting Doug at Deltec but have heard he typically recommends on the smaller side.

    Thank you!

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    normal deltecs recirculate, so should in theory be more "effecient" at waste removal. You disconnect the water processing from the water flow through. The turbos do not. An 851 is plenty. I have no personal experience with the turbos though. As far as going larger, most on this forum (including me) don't really believe that "overskimming" occurs so...if it fits the budget and the space constraints....GO FOR IT!
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