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Skimmer builders - A Challenge.

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  • Skimmer builders - A Challenge.

    Does anyone thing they can build a needlewheel that's 1/10 the size of a normal BK/ER needlewheel?

    I want to try and build a needlewheel powered by modded maxijet 1200. Think it's possible?

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    I’ve heard of someone that cut a 1 or 1.5” bioball in half and glued it to a power head impeller. I don’t know how it worked though.

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      I've been trying to get something like that to work, but so far I haven't


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        Sean... IMO a counter current air driven skimmer will do a decent job on a small tank. It's been several years since I used one but they do perform well if you have a good air pump and change the wood blocks often enough. The last one I used was driven by a four-outlet pump and a 3/4" x 3/4" x 3" basswood air diffuser. I would purchase the basswood at a local hardwood store (ironic) and cut the blocks myself so I could justify changing the blocks more often. They'd cost me about 25 cents each this way. It was a small OD but about 24" tall. They bad part about the early designs of these skimmer was the PITA to get the top off from the body because everyone used nylon bolts and wing nuts. I'd always drop some in the sump every time.

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          I agree with GTR, for smaller skimmers air stone driven units can work really well.
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            Awesome guys, thanks for the advice!

            I'll look into how I can get one of those units into nano.