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Which Skimmer is best for me?

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  • Which Skimmer is best for me?

    When I start up again next year or later this summer, I want to have everything right.

    So, which skimmer is best for me? My tank is going to be a 60lb cube, zeo, no fish, only SPS.

    I have a AIS Beckett rated at roughly 150gs (6''dia 22''tall) and I'll use a GenX pump on that OR for the same money do I get an recir needlewheel skimmer, using 2 sedra pumps, 8'' diameter and 33'' tall? Both by the same builder, but nice quality.

    The reason I ask is simple: I've been seeing people really bashing needlewheels using the sedreas, so I'm nervous to go with them. I know needlewheels are usually better then becketts, but is it worth having one using sedras?

    As for Deltecs or BKs, they are out of the question until they are ~$700. I can't do 1,500 for the 'low-end' models while a full time college student.

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    A Deltec AP600 would be more than enough for a 60g and it's less than $600. You could also get an H&S 150 for probably even less than that.


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      If the tank is only 60g then even look at the H&S A110-F2000 which is rated up to 100g. It sell for just over $400

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        Cool I'll look into those skimmers!



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          i use a turbo flotor 1000 on my 125g and luv it its rated up to a 250g tank and its like 250 bucks well worth every penny
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